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Attempt at following my own rules

I chopped the French shallots then cooked them in butter. I added some white wine and let it reduce. Added some cream, salt and pepper and let it boil. The fettuccine were ready by then so I put some in the pan, added some Reggiano Parmigiano (parmesan), stirred it and served it. I could smell the yumminess!

Then I woke up! So frustrating! Lucky for me I don’t have any cream and parmesan here because I would be eating my dream right now for breakfast  loll

Just a question, do you dream about yummy food too or it’s only me?

How did I do with my 4 rules yesterday?

1- Going to bed and turn the laptop off at a reasonable time : midnight

I went to bed at 10h30 pm, turn off the laptop at 12h30 and closed my eyes at 12h45. Not what I said it should be but a great improvement for me. This morning I felt good and rested and as I got up to pack the recycling and bring it at the road (in a rush before the recycling truck gets here) I thought it was so nice outside. I decided to shuffle the patio because it snowed a lot yesterday and I was full of energy! I feel so much better today.

2-Do a work out everyday

I did the bicycle island on the Wii until my legs were shaking and did an uncoordinated step after loll. Not as long as usual but more intense and better than nothing loll

3-Track my food

I did track my food for the whole day and ended up 300 calories over my goal. But I am still down 0.1 kilo from yesterday. So maybe as someone told me I am not eating enough but my goal is set for only 1 pound a week so it is a bit confusing. More confusing than that for the time I haven’t been tracking and that I ate cookies and ice cream and not working out I was loosing everyday. The further I am in my journey the more confuse I get! I know that my week wasn’t a healthy week even if I lost one pound anyway, and it’s why I wasn’t happy with myself because of wrong food choices and lack of exercise. I am not JUST in the journey for the weight. It a health journey but of course being at a healthy weight counts but not if it means that I don’t take proper care of myself. Do I make any sense at all?

4- Only have 1 treat a day

I had a cookie. I also manage to have ONLY a spoon full of that yummy banana cream pie ice cream. After supper I decided to make bread. I usually take the bread machine but I just felt like making it myself yesterday. So my daughter made a raisin and cinnamon one and since I felt creative I made a custard and coconut one. When husband got here we all had to taste it because we could smell it in the whole house. Daughter was so happy with hers! Mine was delicious too! So I can say that I had more than  treat but at least I logged everything and didn’t go into denial!


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10 thoughts on “Attempt at following my own rules

  1. Aww – don’t you hate waking up from a great dream? Then you’re hit with real life… and salads. lol
    Congrats on going to bed on time! You’re off to a great start with your self-discipline!
    And hooray for exercising! I’ve always told you that intense work outs are important, even if they’re only every once in a while. Great job!
    And one bite of banana cream pie ice cream? I’m so proud! One bite of something very delicious can be satisfying – IF you savor it. Take the bite, let it sit on your tongue for a little while and allow yourself to taste every single molecule before you swallow it. THAT is how I can enjoy all the cupcakes that I bake… 😉
    So, great job today! If you can do it once, you can do it again! Keep us posted!

    • Thanks shadow it kind of a fight with myself to turn the computer off but the angel won. Not so good on the calorie side but I will work on it

      • Don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re trying to change a lot of things at one time. It’s okay to take baby steps. Change your sleep habits first, then work harder on the calorie intake. Eventually they’ll go hand in hand. It definitely takes determination and trust for it to work.
        Do you mind me asking how many calories you try to take in a day? And are all your calories from solid meals or shakes/liquids or a mixture of both?

      • The calorie goal that myfitnesspal has given me to lose 1 pound a week is 1410 calories a day. When I have fitbit it changes according the step and activity that I can do and it is usually more than fitnesspal even if i log exercise in the fitnesspal. I don’t do any shakes or herbal supplement ,it’s just food and I usually have a latte or 2 but it’s all logged. I don’t know why I have so much trouble lately since I had a perfect balance before and didn’t find hard to stay on track. Maybe I just need a HUGE kick in the butt 🙂

      • 1400 calories sounds like a good amount. I wouldn’t increase that though, even if you exercise more. Just consider more exercise a bonus.
        It seems like you’re nudging yourself along. But a swift kick my really get you up and going. It’s not easy, though! Don’t ever think to yourself, “It’s easy for her to say…” because many of us have been where you are.
        For me… I just don’t want to see you give up. You’ve come a very long way. (My son gave up. I haven’t told you this yet because I’m so incredibly sad about it) so I really don’t want you to stop fighting. Trust that you’ll get through this, and that it will get easier and even become second nature. You deserve it and you CAN do it! 🙂

      • Thanks shadow, I am so sorry about your son…maybe he just need a breack and he will be back on track at some stage. I am not giving up but I am trying to stop myself from sliping away…Tahnks for all the advice and encouragement, I really apreciate 🙂

  2. Such great goals! I especially like the treat a day goal – we don’t do that enough!

  3. I don’t think that I dreamt of food recently, so it’s lucky me, right? I started using Lose it! in order to track all the things I eat. I also try to work out daily, when my body allows, I will try and see whether I feel better after working out tonight. The period really sucks, right.
    Anyway, I like your once a day rule, at least if th treat has no 500 calories or something. 😉
    Keep it up!

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