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The count down has started


In a week, me and my family will be off to sunny Queensland. It will be nice to have access to an ocean and some sun and warm weather. It will be the perfect change from Alberta and I wish it would be for more than a holiday but that’s another story.

So I just realised that there is only a week left to get ready! Of course I have started to pack way to early and now I have to open everything because I don’t remember what’s in there anymore. I just have to revise it and finish to put the extra stuff in the big hard-covered suitcase that will be checked-in.

I have done my best to pack light this time and I think I have succeeded for once. We decided to buy three carry-on with wheels because last year they lost and damaged one of our suitcase. I was sitting near the window on top of where they put the luggage and at a stop-over, I saw them take my suitcase out of the plane in the wrong airport!!! There was not much I could do except of hoping someone else had the same suitcase. This time,I didn’t feel like losing everything to start the trip so we will have our main stuff in the plane with us.

I am hoping to have my Fitbit before I leave but it probably won’t be here on time…Sad smile. When I am in the sun I probably won’t care so much for it loll. I cannot wait to soak those vitamin D right on! After the 25 hour trip we will probably have to rest for a day or two considering the climate and the tie change. It’s funny because we lose like 2 days going over the line somewhere around Fiji but we should get it back on our way back home loll

So it’s definitely something very positive in my life right now ,not just the beaches and the sun but to be reunited with my husband’s family. My daughter is going to meet her grand-ma in person for the first time!!! She told her on Skype once “I am not living in the computer you know, I live in a house “, my daughter was laughing but I was thinking “why do we have to be so far from each other?” It would be so simple if it was only a 5 hour flight. Well it’s life…


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10 thoughts on “The count down has started

  1. That is awesome that your daughter will get to meet her grandma. How exciting.

  2. I hope you have lots of fun and make nice memories together. Ah and take some pictures to share. 😉

  3. I am SO jealous! I didn’t realize you were going to see family. That’s even better! I hope your fitbit arrives too, but you’ll be fine without it. Just stay active outside, eat LOTS of fruits and vegetables and just a ‘taste’ of the treats you may want. At least keep an idea in your mind of how many calories you’ve taken in. It’s very possible to lose weight on vacation – but even if you just don’t gain, you can come back home feeling success. But most important: Enjoy the weather!!!!

    • Thanks!!My husband hasn’t seen his Mom in 10 years! I know that I probably lose weight over there but I’ll do my best to not gain and walk when I can. I see that as a vacation for everything. I would like to keep tracking my food but don’t know if it’s realistic as we will be moving around a lot. Sun here I come!!

      • I agree. I think you should just mentally have an idea of what you’ve eaten, just to keep from going overboard. And I have a feeling you’ll get plenty of exercise. I hope you share your stories while you’re over there. I’ll be “living” there through you, so include lots of details!

      • ok I will do my best with blogging but it probably won’t be “live” loll I will fill up with details 🙂

  4. Oh, that picture you posted at the top looks so awesome! I’m very jealous – Queensland at this time of the year would be so WARM…

    • I can’t wait to be there but I know we are going to have to take it easy for the first few days because coming from a canadian winter it’s going to be HOT! New Zealand is so nice too! I have been in Far north (such beautiful quiet beaches) around Cap reiga and around Ohakune as well. Didn’t see as much as the South Island as I wanted but the boat ride in between the 2 was stunning and Kaikoora,Christchurch it was beatiful with the mountains in the back ground!

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