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When right is wrong and wrong is right…

Yesterday I went to sleep at 12h30 and was 150 calories over goal. I did a huge work out with good intensity and this morning I took 2 pounds. All week I have eaten stuff like ice cream and cookies, being like 400 calories over goal , not working out and I was losing weight. Go figure it out…it a bit upsetting but mainly it send a weird message to my brain that I do my best to ignore :eat crap+ no exercise = losing, eat healthy+lots of exercise= gain. I know that I could not go on with the first equation and keep losing but it makes motivation harder. Don’t worry I am not giving up on myself!


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10 thoughts on “When right is wrong and wrong is right…

  1. Good job! Have you heard of metabolic confusion. There are many names and titles for this process. Many times we diet well and exercise but doing it too long will make our body burn less calories because we are intaking less calories. In order to “jumpstart” our metabolism we need to spike our caloric intake. Some people eat one meal, some the whole day, some take a week off after a while of dieting and exercise. To each his own. However, once you take that break and slide off the track after dieting for so long and exercising, your body kicks into high gear. You can increase fat loss by ensuring your metabolic rate doesn’t down-regulate from extended caloric restriction. It allows you to remain sane and allows your body to rev up and burn those delicious calories you are so enjoying. SO, don’t feel guilty. This is normal practice. Keep up the great work! Remember, there is no fail on the journey, just learning experiences and successes!

    • Thanks Pono! Good information and advices are always a great help to me. I have never heard of metabolic confusion but it sounds like it’s a perfect fit for me right now. Maybe brain confusion too lol. I am still fighting through this and you are right it’s all experiences as well. 🙂

  2. skinnyaire is probably right. After limiting your caloric intake for a while, increasing it actually jump-started your metabolism and that’s when the weight loss occured. However, too much of that, and you go back to gaining. Remember the zig-zagging you brought up earlier? Very similar theory. I think ‘SomeFrozenCookies’ is going through the same thing. Her brain is telling her if she works out, she’ll gain weight, so she stops working out.
    Our brains can talk us into some funny things. I’m going through it with my leg – my brain is telling me to not take pain medication, but when I finally did it anyway I couldn’t believe I had waited so long.
    So the lesson is: Don’t listen to your brain. Do what others are telling you. lol
    Sleep + Exercise + eating healthy and averaging 1400 calories a day + occasional splurge = weight loss. Try that formula for a while. I bet it works!! 😉

  3. Well I will start to be more strict with myself , after this past week of going over my calorie goal it should restart my metabolism again. I feel like it’s all in my head and that I have trouble to find the balance that I had before. Thanks for all your support!

  4. There is one guy who does this weight loss show who says cheat meals (high calorie) once a week help keep our metabolism bumping. I haven’t tried it myself but he may just be on to something.

  5. I might wanna try this one day…but for now, I’ll stick to my new learned strategy. 😉

  6. If it works stick with it loll

  7. Just keep moving…just keep moving…It’s really hard at some points along the journey – and I’m sure no weight loss specialist could ever tell you why. Last week I lost heaps, but this week I’m feeling so bloated I reckon I’ll gain, despite working out a lot and eating very healthily.

    Just blame your weird body, keep being healthy, and do your best. It’s all you can do!

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