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I love to paint but I am not an artist, I could say that I have an artistic temper( I have been told) but it is not necessary a compliment. Where I live apart from the –35 Celsius , the amount of snow and the 6 months that winter last there another inconvenient.

There is absolutely no way to get a painting class here! It pisses me off. I would just love to learn some technic to be able to paint something that I see or from a photo. I know I cannot learn talent but if I would have it, I probably wouldn’t need a class I guess. So today I just painted anyway loll, I played with colors, shapes and anything that is abstract. I didn’t do that for a long time and it felt good. Even if it doesn’t look like anything to someone else, I like the colors I mixed on the canvas. My daughter liked it too! loll She painted her own canvas while I was doing mine and it was so much fun.

This blog is about health and I can tell you that doing something that makes you happy, feels very healthy. Sometimes I forget about those things and hobbies I used to have B.M.D(before my daughter) and if I remember it seems more of a chore until I start. It must be a reflex from when I was stopping myself from doing it because my daughter would not leave me 2 min. to myself. Now she is 4 and maybe I should start to include more of these past life activities in my life.


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6 thoughts on “B.M.D

  1. When kids are young, it’s hard to find time for yourself. It’s a little easier as they get older, because they can entertain themselves while you do something for YOURself. I used to think I was selfish, by taking the time to do what I wanted to do, but now I realize I am a happier person when I do that, and a happy Mom makes for a happy family. 🙂

  2. About 20 years ago I went and got poster board and acryrlic paints and just put colors down that made my eyes happy. After a while I started to get worried about doing it right and stopped.

    What a great thing to pick back up again. Sounds like your daughter is in the right spot that we need to be at!

    • Yeah I am the same ,when I start to paint I am happy but when I start wanting that it look like something I have in my mind it’s where I get all weird and worried about it! We should just let ourselves loose!

  3. Doing something you enjoy is definitely healthy! It frees your mind from stress and tension and that is good whether overweight or not… I am glad you found a moment to do something you love! My brother is an artist! He paints so beautifully and I ask him how he does it … he says… “I don’t know! I guess it’s how singing is for you!” lol! I know what he means… I don’t know how I do it… I guess those are just “gifts” you get… he’s taken classes to refine and learn some techniques and everything but “he just HAS IT” I could do some “vocalization exercises” once in a while! … oh! singing! You reminded me of it! it’s been so many years! I remember when I used to do it more, singing in a band, practicing, recording… I didn’t even have the time (or need) to overeat! I was thin and I wasn’t even “conscious of it” … BMD … lol! Good term! I guess I can use it too! … BMDs (plural! LOL!) but I know we’ll find the time to do those things soon! I must say I really enjoy blogging… so…at least we have that! 😉

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