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Under goal

Good morning, as I am writing this I am in bed it’12h30 and I am under my calorie goal of 1410 calories a day. Today I had 1310 calories and only a spoonful of ice cream. I have burned about 250 calories shuffling snow and I am about to turn this computer off to have a good night of sleep. I have been following my rules for 2 days loll. It a start to get back on track. It is just a quick post and I have nothing else to say for now loll.


It’s 2h34 am now and I am still awake…I had time to think about it and I have figured out that the last to nights before I did not have a latté in the afternoon but yesterday I did so this is what has kept me awake those past weeks. Why didn’t I see that before?


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6 thoughts on “Under goal

  1. I lvoe the feeling of reaching my goals – it is almost better than the goal itself 🙂

  2. Oh yeah! lol I was very happy with myself after a week of over goal

  3. Awesome! I hope your proud of yourself as well. You deserve to give yourself a pat on the back. 😉

  4. It feels good to suddenly work out what is causing problems, doesn’t it! Time to skip the lattes, I reckon! And congratulations on being under goal! 🙂

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