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I am so happy! I asked someone to guest-post on my blog and she accepted! YAY! I was thinking about it for while but like usual was scared to be rejected, I am happy that I overcame that fear and it turn out to be very positive because she is going to guest-post but even better…oh I can’t tell right now because I want it to be a surprise! No seriously it’s already started because I only have to click “publish” and it’s out there for you guys to enjoy. She will be contributing to my blog regularly and I cannot wait to read her posts. Stay tuned it’s coming soon!

So about my rules, yesterday I was 200 cal. under goal and no I didn’t have an afternoon coffee so my sleep was pretty good. I didn’t exercise yesterday but today I had a loss which is great. I only had a tbsp. of ice-cream for the whole day! It feels good to feel that I was able to control all this again. One more reason to be happy was today when I tried my old belt : surprise! Yep, it fits and I can even put it tighter than before I was pregnant! YAY!


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2 thoughts on “Surprise-surprise

  1. I am so happy you had more sleep! Nothing like SLEEPING WELL to be healthier! 🙂

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