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What kind of packer are you?

Are you a heavy-packer, a forgetful-packer or a last-minute-packer? Maybe you are more of a light-packer, a let-my-wife-do-it-packer or a write-a-list-first-packer?

What the heck are you talking about?

The What-if-packer.

This kind of packer needs to be ready for all kind of eventuality. In the mind of the What-if-packer there is no shop at all at the other end of the plane to buy something that he/she would need. The What-if-packer knows that  there is never been snow in Tahiti but wants to be ready if it happens for the first time while he/she is there. The what-if-packer never wears that dress but will bring it in case that she wants to wear it because she is in a new place. He or she is likely to bring Vick, Tylenol kids, thermometer and chicken soup in case of a cold/flue emergency. The what-if-packer will surely bring sunscreen even if warm-weather countries specialise in it. If he/she doesn’t, he/she won’t have any sunscreen to put on to go get sunscreen at the sunscreen shop.

The Write-a-list-first-packer

For this kind of packer it’s really simple. He/she must write a list of what to put in what compartment of which suitcase at what time of the stated date in the order listed on the list before packing. The packer must repeat this process in exact order for every traveler in their family.

The Let-my-wife-do-it-packer

This kind of packer do not need to worry about anything because his dedicated loving spouse will do it for him. In the event that there would be anything missing in the suitcase, the Let-my-wife-do-it-packer needs to make sure he is blaming it on his wife because Of course he has no responsibility what-so-ever and she can obviously read his mind.

The Forgetful-packer

The forgetful-packer will think about what he/she needs while comfortably sitting in the plane. The forgetful-packer is often a former Let-my-wife-do-it-packer and should consult with a Write-a-list-first-packer or a what-if-packer.

The Light-packer

This packer is the kind of packer that the others look up to, the prestigious title that all wish to  have. Some more courageous  will attempt to make their way to the top but will mostly fail. The secret of light-packing must be found and cannot be shared.

The Heavy-packer

This kind of packer usually has the reverse-your-trailer-in-ward-robe and is used to be the envy of everyone else. The heavy-packer would also like to be the envy of the other packer but unfortunately their more likely to pity the poor packer.

The last-minute-packer

The last-minutes-packer is also the fastest of all kind of packer. This one will start packing exactly when he/she should be at the airport, 2 hours before to get on the plane. This packer is of the Forgetful-packer’s family and tends to forget that is going on a trip until his/her mother call.

As you probably guessed, I was packing today. So what packer am I? I used to be a back-packer but now that i am old, I think I am a what-if-packer that is on its way to become a light-packer. I also descent from the write-a-list-first-packer family and carry some of their tendencies.

What kind of packer are you?


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11 thoughts on “What kind of packer are you?

  1. Fun post! 🙂 I have to admit to being a “what-if” packer with my suitcase. I pretty well pack everything in my closet – just in case… With the kids, I make a list of things for them to pack. 6 undies, 6 socks, 8 shirts, 8 shorts, pajamas, etc. My husband, luckily enough, packs his own stuff… and he packs very light. We balance each other out in a sense. And thanks for reminding me that I’m actually NOT packing because I am NOT going anywhere. 😦 But I’m glad you are! 😉

  2. lol I am sur that you will have you turn to make me jealous! It’s a bit of a packer caricature and we probably all are a few of them. 🙂 I have put stuff in daughter’s suitcase, don,t tell her. That makes me a the sniky-packer as well 😉

  3. I am definitely “the last minute packer” 😀 nothing like doing things last minute! LOL!

  4. And of course… I’d be the “let-my-wife-do-it packer” if I was a man LOL!

  5. I am definetly the what-if-packer, but seriously you just never know what may come up. 🙂

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