Towards Healthy Life

One little thing at the time

2 out of 4


1- Turned my computer off at 12h00 which is an improvement of 1h30 from the day before.

2- Was under goal and so was I the day before. I was really happy about it because it makes me feel like more confident that I can put myself back on track.


3- Didn’t exercise at all, was like that for like 3 days. I had other things to worry about at that  moment loll That’s a really bad excuse because weirdly I DID find time to blog!

4- I have been sticking to my one treat a day rule except for yesterday because the tub of Banana cream pie ice cream is done!!!!! I was happy about it and I didn’t even have a treat yesterday and didn’t miss it, maybe I missed it a little when my daughter had a chocolate covered cookie with her strawberries. I had strawberries too (I love strawberries)and forgot about cookie!

Have a good day!


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9 thoughts on “2 out of 4

  1. I love your example about the pie – sometimes I think I indulge because I have set up a trap of deprivation – when I loosen the reigns a bit it seems easier to do things in moderation…

  2. Good for you! So maybe you didn’t get your ‘set’ exercises in, but I’m guessing you burned a few calories packing your bags…
    I felt that way about the peanut butter cookies I made a little while back. Thank goodness they’re finally gone! Those kind of things literally call your name while they’re in your cabinet/fridge/freezer. 🙂 Have a good day today!

  3. There are loads of yummy things that I love to eat as treats that are healthy too. I LOVE raspberries and pineapple and all the nice fruits like that.

  4. I am not a “fruity person” I love vegetables but fruit are usually “not my thing” I mean… I love their flavor but it’s not something that I crave! (except for mango! YUM!!!) strawberries are great in smoothies… but for something sweet I usually just want chocolate LOL! I also indulge in moderation (really really moderated right now) when I need to because that helps me “keep going” and helps me not feel so “deprived of it all” 🙂

  5. Good job on achieving a couple of your goals…better than nothing right?
    It’s so hard to get back into exercising when you miss a few days isn’t it? I think one thing that has helped me is realizing that I don’t have to go to the gym and spend an hour or so to count it as exercise…just move! Moving–going for a walk around the block, wrestling with the kids, doing a few jumping-jacks–even that can get your mind in a better place…you gotta start somewhere right?! Also, I have been so full of excuses but I recently realized that “excuses are well planned lies” (~Dani Johnson)…no more excuses! 🙂

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