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Another trick maybe…

Well since I didn’t step on the board yesterday I made a point on doing it today and surprise, apparently I have lost another 5 pounds from Wednesday! Wait a minutes! I am not stupid so it has to be one of that silly balance board’s trick. Maybe I am a little stupid since when it happened last time I didn’t get a proper scale to prevent this to be. Let say that there is 5% chance that it is true and 95% that it is just a dysfunction of the board. If I would trust it it would means that I have 30 pounds lost so far….it would be nice but a little to good to be true.

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Get moving!!!

Nothing like a beautiful sunny day and mild weather to cheer me up! I asked husband to wake us up today but it was not a big success since we got up at 11ham. 1 hour better than yesterday. I have set the alarm clock in the living room with a very loud buzzer so I will have to get up and turn that awful noise off tomorrow morning.

Me and daughter went to the park and had a slow but very nice walk around the still frozen pond. After we went shopping for seeds, dirt, trays and carton containers. We bought a lot of seeds : cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, ground cherries, 2 color corn, sugar snap, green beans, zucchini, spinach and carrot.

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Is it spring or not?

This morning(I shouldn’t say morning) we got up at 12hpm again! Husband is back on Canada time because he didn’t have a choice. For me and daughter it seems to be a little harder. When I go to bed I asked Husband to wake us up but this morning he kissed me goodbye but it was not enough because I  turned around with a smile and went back to sleep. I think I need to set my alarm clock and get him to hide it in the room somewhere so I have to get up and look for it. I would probably smash it when I find it but I would be awake by then.

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Scared of what?

I don’t know why but it took all my courage to log into MyFitnessPal today after about 3 weeks without it. I guess logging in meant to start to write every little bit of food that I am putting in my mouth. It didn’t take long to for me to get rid of the logging food habit on vacation and weren’t looking forward to getting back to it.

It’s is definitely harder to get back to a routine once it is not new anymore and that you have tasted the freedom of not doing it for  weeks. Drinking water was the first step back into my journey and food tracking is the second. The third will be exercise…I just think about it and feel tired loll. I will just have to overcome this and kick my own butt.

Back from vacation…What’s the damage?

Yes I am back to Alberta in the cold or colder since it was 5 degrees Celsius this afternoon. It is slowly melting and the days are now much longer thanks to daylight saving. I have given a hand to mother nature today by breaking some ice in the driveway. It was a nice day even if I couldn’t put my shorts on loll. Read more…

Weighing In: By ShadowRun300

The Scale.

You either love it or hate it.

You’re addicted to it, or you never want to see it again.

You’ll find many opinions out there about whether you should weigh yourself once a day, once a week, once a month, never.

But I feel that it’s a personal choice you should make – after ‘weighing’ all the facts of course.

I, myself, don’t have all the facts, but I can share with you what I did, and why it worked for me. Read more…

My Opinion on Splurging: Posted by ShadowRun300

Splurging seems to be a hot topic amongst dieters.

After all, when you’re on a diet, all you can think about is food.

Most of us realize that we need to eat less than we burn in order to lose weight.  So we make the hard choice to cut back on portion size, cut out most of the fat, and try to survive on fruits and veggies.

This does not bode well for people used to eating a ton of greasy food, all the time.

When I first started dieting, it was easy to take in just over 1000 calories a day.  But after a few weeks of that, I wanted some REAL food.  It was all I thought about!  So I began making deals with myself. Read more…

Aussie BBQ

Today I had my first Aussie BBQ. My mother in law had arranged a BBQ at a friend’s house with other friends that we met 10 years ago when we were here.

This morning we drove in the country side to go to a flea market. They had all sort of fruit trees for sale and I just wanted to buy some and plant them in my in law’s yard. I have found some mask and tribal artefacts that I will have to ship home because the custom people might think it would look good in THEIR house and keep it. It was great to look at all the stuff there but it got to hot and we went back home for a shower before heading to the BBQ.

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Enjoying Queensland

lorikeet zoom

I am just starting to feel better because when we got in Queensland I felt sick from the heat. The vegetation here is so beautiful, I am constantly amazed by the variety of plants and trees that grows here(nice change from the eternal pine trees from Alberta). When the breeze comes to cool us down it brings flower perfume along and it’s just wonderful.

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Finding What Works For You

The first few days of my weight loss journey were totally based on willpower and enthusiasm.  It was easy to avoid unhealthy foods, and easy to exercise because I was excited about starting!

But of course, a few days into it, I was hungry, worn out from exercising, and wondering what the heck I’d gotten myself into. I was determined though, so I managed a good few weeks of willpower before I found the cravings and laziness slowly creeping back in. Read more…

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