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Here it comes with the usual bad timing- March 4th

You know last week when I felt out  of control and had no motivation, no energy at all. There was a reason for that. The migraine I had was the sign that “the fun time of the month” was coming. Yeah! I am one of those who’s periods are irregular for the only purpose of picking the worst time possible. I am telling you, its got a mind of its own! An evil mind!

It always wait for the first day of a first job, the trip that I have dreamed about, the day when you have so much to do but just want to laze on the couch with the electric cushion on your belly. I know that there is never a good day for “it” but there is worst days. This is my last day at home before our trip and I guess I will have to make some place in my pack for the “period kit” which includes: pads,tampons, Advil’s, stress ball and a punching bag to make sure I am not grumpy for the whole length of our flight!

Thursday I did my yoga and work out and it felt good! I was under goal, only because of the work out but I couldn’t help to eat a little more because I was just so hungry yesterday! But still it was a good  day because I went to bed not to late as well. I am happy that I managed to take control over myself this week!

Now at this very moment, I am in the plane for a looooooooong while and I will be posting about my trip at some stage after we settle down !

…Ok I guess I have scheduled this post to be published for the 4th but it didn’t work.

Getting there


After a 30 something hours of travelling, 2 missed connections and one lost luggage we finally got to our destination almost dead tired! My 4 year old has been wonderful considering the time it took us and the troubles we had. I am am now connected to internet so I will try to post before we hit the road again.


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One thought on “Here it comes with the usual bad timing- March 4th

  1. Yay! You made it! Can’t wait to hear how and what you’re doing!! 🙂

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