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Enjoying Queensland

lorikeet zoom

I am just starting to feel better because when we got in Queensland I felt sick from the heat. The vegetation here is so beautiful, I am constantly amazed by the variety of plants and trees that grows here(nice change from the eternal pine trees from Alberta). When the breeze comes to cool us down it brings flower perfume along and it’s just wonderful.

Every morning, we wake up with the sun and the Kookaburra’s laugh, because of the time difference it still feels like we slept until 11ham but we are up at 5h30/6ham. lorikeets feedingI could change my alarm clock for those bird’s song forever. So I can sit in the front porch of my mother in-law’s house, having a cuppa and breakfast while the birds are having theirs. When I talk about birds I am not talking about crows from back home but rainbow lorikeets, magpie and others. I cannot get tired of admiring their beautiful colors.

So far we had a great time with Husband’s mother and a few friends. We visited a winery, animal park, did some shopping and tasted Husband’s Australian favourite foods.

southbank beach

southbank pathMy favourite place so far was South Bank Parkland in Brisbane. They built it for the world expo and turned it into a man’s made beach in the city along the Brisbane river. The most amazing thing is the path that is fenced with sculptures made especially to have the Bougainvillea growing on it. The beach has real sand and is divided in a few sections with one of them being a child splash park. The area has stone paved walking street with lots of cafés andferris wheel Brisbane shops to choose from. You can choose from different paths to walk in the park and of course there is one along the river where you can catch the breeze and the view of  the city center. We ended our day at the parkland with a ride in the huge Ferris wheel where we can see the whole park and a good part of the city.

From there you can also catch the city cat which is a water taxi that can bring you across or along the river.

We should head toward the sunshine coast early next week and hopefully the flood will be down by then.

Someone told me that I have lost a lot of weight compare to photos they have seen, YAY! I  did not overeat so far because the heat tend to decrease my appetite. I had heaps of treats like  iced soy lattes, banana paddle pops, sampled a few dessert and I feel alright about the food. We went to a fruit shop and bought mangoes, watermelon, pineapple, red papayas and it all taste so sweet compare to what we get back home!

The exercise on the other end is more difficult because it is sooooo hot! After 4 days without anything I started to feel it in my back and I did a bit of yoga but that’s about it. We walk a fair bit when we visit places but at a slower pace. I don’t know if it is the vitamin D from the sun or something else but my skin has become so smooth after only 4 days here, it’s amazing. All the moisturising cream in the world didn’t make any difference while I was at home and here, all those little bumps that I had on my arms just disappeared magically.

Great vacation so far! I just love Australia and could move here anytime but on the coast not in land. I need some ocean around me. I probably won’t want to come back to slushy Alberta when it’s time loll.


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6 thoughts on “Enjoying Queensland

  1. I could not be more happy for you right now! 🙂 I sure hope you’re feeling better and able to enjoy all you are experiencing. I’m also glad that you’re not too worried about dieting over there. Sure you don’t want to gain back the weight you’ve lost, but you also don’t want to miss out on the different foods over there. I’ve heard that the fruits in and around those areas taste so much sweeter than ours. I taught a girl from Antigua who said they would eat the core of the pineapples because they were so sweet and tasty. There is no way that I would eat the core of one of ours. Yuck!
    Anyway, it was sooo good to hear from you! Continue taking it all in, so that you have great memories to take back to slushy Alberta!

  2. Wow, it’s sounds so fun over there. I hope you and your loved once will continue to have a great time!!

  3. With photos like those I would never want to leave!

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