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Aussie BBQ

Today I had my first Aussie BBQ. My mother in law had arranged a BBQ at a friend’s house with other friends that we met 10 years ago when we were here.

This morning we drove in the country side to go to a flea market. They had all sort of fruit trees for sale and I just wanted to buy some and plant them in my in law’s yard. I have found some mask and tribal artefacts that I will have to ship home because the custom people might think it would look good in THEIR house and keep it. It was great to look at all the stuff there but it got to hot and we went back home for a shower before heading to the BBQ.

pavlovaWe picked up a Pavlova to bring with us and we went to our friends house where we reunited with those friends that we knew from when we were in Oz before. It was so nice to catch up with them and they were just the same, nice people full of joy that just welcomes you into their house and their life.

There was tons of delicious food and drinks available to us: bacon, hamburger patties, sausage, lamb shop, some other kind of meat, bread rolls , cheese, tomatoes, grated carrots, eggs, beetroot, 3 kinds of salads. Australians(at least mine) like to have a burger with an egg and beetroot in it and sometimes pineapples too! So I just made myself a plate with a normal portion and didn’t worry about anything but didn’t over eat either. I had some Pavlova for dessert and I was full until 7pm. I didn’t eat any supper but I had lots of red papaya and mangoes instead,YUM! We had such a great time eating outside in the warm weather over looking the pond, the horses in the field and the native bush. The best of the BBQ was the company of course!

Now I am in bed and all packed for our 3 days trip up the sunshine coast!


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4 thoughts on “Aussie BBQ

  1. It sounds heavenly. Thanks for sharing experiences… It’s interesting hearing about their culture!

  2. oh my! It all sounds like paradise! What a feast that was! I am glad you are enjoying so much! Thanks for sharing with us! It is funny to see how “hamburgers” are adapted depending the country! LOL!… In Mexico it is common to see people frying a slice of ham and putting it in there too! (I love it like that) oh my! I am getting hungry just thinking about it!

  3. Yeah it is so true! It’s so nice to ry a new way to eat the same thing loll

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