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My Opinion on Splurging: Posted by ShadowRun300

Splurging seems to be a hot topic amongst dieters.

After all, when you’re on a diet, all you can think about is food.

Most of us realize that we need to eat less than we burn in order to lose weight.  So we make the hard choice to cut back on portion size, cut out most of the fat, and try to survive on fruits and veggies.

This does not bode well for people used to eating a ton of greasy food, all the time.

When I first started dieting, it was easy to take in just over 1000 calories a day.  But after a few weeks of that, I wanted some REAL food.  It was all I thought about!  So I began making deals with myself.

**  If you’re really good this week, you can eat whatever you want on the weekend.

For months, I kept up this habit.  I restricted myself to ONLY healthy foods all week, and on the weekend, I ate pizza or chicken strips or french fries or donuts – all the bad foods I was craving.  I didn’t gorge myself necessarily, but I ate more than I should have, and made worse choices than I would have during the week.  So come Monday, I had to go back to being very strict again.

I began to DREAD Mondays.

Finally, I gave myself a good kick in the rear, and determined that I was not going to make such unhealthy choices over the weekend.  It was not worth the effort of having to undo everything come Monday.  In a sense, I was punishing myself for the bad choices I was making, by starving myself during the week.

So instead of making unhealthy choices, I allowed myself a few extra calories over the weekend, while still staying under 2000 for the day.  I’d have a little more bread, or a little more chicken.  Or maybe I would choose a snack such as a cupcake that wouldn’t totally wreck my calorie intake.

Mondays were SO much easier after that!

That is when I realized I was NOT on a diet, I was making a lifestyle change.  I no longer felt deprived, I felt healthy!  I viewed my calorie intake as an average per week, instead of per day.  Sometimes I would eat a little more, sometimes a little less.

I still use this strategy today to maintain my weight.  Obviously my calorie intake average has increased, as I no longer want to lose weight, but my philosophy is the same.  Some days I may eat a little more, some days a little less.

And funny enough – I no longer crave those unhealthy foods.  In fact, I have absolutely no desire for most of what I used to eat.  I’m still a big fan of sweets, so I have ice cream daily (but it’s included in my calorie count for the day), and I like the occasional cupcake.  If I am craving a certain food (I still LOVE french fries), I will eat only 2 or 3, and savor each bite.  And then I’m good.  I don’t need more.

I hope you can learn from my mistake.  I lost weight regularly the first way, and I lost weight regularly the second way.  The difference is I was MUCH happier the second way, and it helped me develop habits that I could take with me while maintaining my 60 pound weight loss.

Happy Eating!!


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2 thoughts on “My Opinion on Splurging: Posted by ShadowRun300

  1. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. Ever since I started to make fresh foods a bigger part of my diet to up my enzymes in month three of the detox, I’ve stopped craving the unhealthy foods as often. My husband was trying to be sweet and brought home some bulk barn peanut butter cups and I didn’t even want to eat them. They are a cheaper chocolate and I’d much rather eat something with a higher food quality.
    Good for you, Julie!

  2. Ah…ja, well, I can actually totally relate. Before I changed my diet from HerbaLife and ONLY salad I used to make, let’s say less ideal choices during the weekends. Now that I started eating more complex carbs and add lean meat to my dinner, I crave so much less during the weekends. It’s funny that every now and then I seemt o realize that I wasn’t the only one with cterain behavioral pattern. 😉

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