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Back from vacation…What’s the damage?

Yes I am back to Alberta in the cold or colder since it was 5 degrees Celsius this afternoon. It is slowly melting and the days are now much longer thanks to daylight saving. I have given a hand to mother nature today by breaking some ice in the driveway. It was a nice day even if I couldn’t put my shorts on loll.

We had a great time in Australia! Met heaps of hubby’s relative that I don’t remember the name, went to the beach at least 5 times( not enough I reckon but my mother in law lives 2 hours from the coast), fed wild dolphins, picked up a few shells, husband caught 2 fish, ate some delicious fruits and sea food, looked at some amazing sceneries, patted and fed kangaroos, cuddled a koala, watched the bird feeding in front yard, saw an aboriginal dance show, bought a didgeridoo, did some souvenir shopping…

We had a lot of rain while we were there but it was mostly warm anyway and had some sun through it. I still love Australia but it felt less perfect that when I was backpacking. Maybe the bugs were bothering me more this time. All the rain they had lately would have made them more likely to come inside I guess. I would still move there anyway…in a house with screened doors and windows! loll I have a question for Australians : Why would you cover wood floor with thick carpet in a place (like QLD) where it is over 23 degree celsius most of the year and where it is so humid at times that you think the carpet is wet when you walk on it? I tried to get an answer while I was there…Don’t get me wrong, I like Queensland and couldn’t get enough of looking at the vegetation it has and all the beautiful flowered trees. Actually, I saw a few of my indoor plants that were growing outside and were giants!

That was a quick resume of my trip. We ended up catching a cold one after the other on our last week. We were on the road a lot and I found out that it was pretty hard to eat decently because you end up being hungry in the middle of nowhere and stop at a service station and have a meat pie or a sausage roll.

To be honest I took a holiday from my diet. I completely gave up because most of the time there was no healthy option for me since I don’t tolerate salad too much. I ate the most unhealthy stuff like fries, puff pastry stuff, cookies, chocolate, ice blocks etc. I didn’t drink much either because my 1/4 cup bladder cannot hold very long. Whenever I could have a fruit or cooked veggies I jumped on the occasion but it was not as often as I would have liked.

Being sick at the end of the trip was not fun at all and the 25 hours traveling to get home either. This morning I was scared to get on the balance board but I did it ready to face the music. –0.3 kilos!!! Yes my body is awesome! This was a big relief and I think all the tourist walking we have done helped. The fact that I didn’t restrict myself at all often stopped me from eating much for supper or in the evening because I was still full from the day.

I found out today that my Fitbit arrived the day we left and was sent back 10 days later. It’s my fault because I thought I had paid the post office to hold the mail for our address but I only asked for MY mail and the Fitbit was in hubby’s name!! I was so pissed off at them because if someone would still be at the house why would I need to hold the mail for? Of course no one there could have told me or asked me about it while I filled the papers for it! So after I found out why the parcel was returned the tax people informed me that Husband’s work did not hold enough money from his pay last year and we had to pay 6000$ in tax!  YAY our whole trip was paid with money we actually did not have for true!

After that I just basically ate anything in my path for the rest of the day. At least there was some fruit and veggies on my path…Sorry for the negative coming back but that exactly how I feel, a big negative ball of fat! There will be better days…


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4 thoughts on “Back from vacation…What’s the damage?

  1. Your trip sounds like it was awesome… don’t feel guilty about any of it! Especially since you obviously did something right while you were there or you wouldn’t have lost.
    I would have been upset with the post office too. It’s just common sense to hold the mail for the ENTIRE household. ugh.
    And the taxes – yikes! That’s enough to put you in a negative mood for sure. You definitely have the right to feel the way you do. Welcome back to reality, right?
    Anyway, it’s great to have you back posting again! I’ve missed you! Looking forward to hearing more! 🙂

  2. Sometimes falling off the wagon is necessary – it is fun climbing back on on feeling powerful about the choices we make.

    Glad you are back 🙂

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