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Is it spring or not?

This morning(I shouldn’t say morning) we got up at 12hpm again! Husband is back on Canada time because he didn’t have a choice. For me and daughter it seems to be a little harder. When I go to bed I asked Husband to wake us up but this morning he kissed me goodbye but it was not enough because I  turned around with a smile and went back to sleep. I think I need to set my alarm clock and get him to hide it in the room somewhere so I have to get up and look for it. I would probably smash it when I find it but I would be awake by then.

This morning the balance board surprised me with a –0.8 kilos / 1 and 3/4 pound! I didn’t step on it yesterday so it is possible but I don’t want to celebrate just yet as it looks like another one of it’s trick.

Yesterday I was 460 over my 1410 calorie goal. I felt very hungry yesterday and the day before and I just thought I would log every food but let myself go over a bit to see if I can get away with a little more since I probably “reset” my body while on vacation. I still try to stop eating when I am full, include fruit, vegetables, meat and drink lots of water. I am just testing my body and will correct things as it goes.

Today’s challenge is going for a walk if there is no rain. If there is it means the snowy ice on my favourite path is going to melt faster so it’s ok. Is breaking ice in the driveway count as an exercise? I know that my back and shoulder hurt from doing it so it must count.

One last thing : GO AWAY WINTER!


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4 thoughts on “Is it spring or not?

  1. I am SO sorry you still have winter. We have been so lucky here in southern Illinois. It’s been in the 70s and 80s the last few weeks, and it looks to continue into next week.
    Even at 1800-1900 calories of food intake, you’re still under the recommended amount, so you’re doing good. If you’re hungry, eat. Just make good choices. And try the gum technique! It really works!
    Tomorrow, you can go back down to your 1400 calorie goal.
    Yes, breaking ice is definitely exercise! Any time you move, especially with exertion, you’re burning calories. That was my biggest focus while I was losing – move, move, move. So I would clean house, or walk to the post office, or stand while watching TV, but still keep up my usual exercise. So look for ways to stay active – you don’t necessarily have to work up a sweat – although you should sweat 3-4 times a week if you can.
    Sorry for the extra long comment… but all this typing is burning calories. lol

    • loll Tomorrow I have asked Husband t REALLY wake me up at 7h30am. It’s goig to be a killer but if I don’t do it I will never get on the right time. I plan on taking a walk on my own while he plays with daughter before he goes to work. It is still winter but the day are so much longer than they were, I cannot help but being happy to have more sun time.

  2. Love it – I do the same thing, if I hurt the next day I must have done something right.

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