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Get moving!!!

Nothing like a beautiful sunny day and mild weather to cheer me up! I asked husband to wake us up today but it was not a big success since we got up at 11ham. 1 hour better than yesterday. I have set the alarm clock in the living room with a very loud buzzer so I will have to get up and turn that awful noise off tomorrow morning.

Me and daughter went to the park and had a slow but very nice walk around the still frozen pond. After we went shopping for seeds, dirt, trays and carton containers. We bought a lot of seeds : cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, ground cherries, 2 color corn, sugar snap, green beans, zucchini, spinach and carrot.


We are going to plant the tomatoes, cucumbers inside soon. I will have to read the labels and do some research for this “coldest of all” area to know exactly when to plant. Hopefully since we are not going to have a vacation during the summer I should be a more successful gardener this year. I do alright with inside plant but outside I seem to have more trouble. I will surely have to add something to the dirt in the garden bed because last fall the carrots were stuck the hard-packed soil. I might get some strawberries this year(planted last summer) and probably more raspberries than last year.

I will stop before I turn this into a gardening blog loll. I was around 450 calories over my goal yesterday as well but I think me being so hungry means that “the time of the month” is coming. I have made good food choices (so far) today and even included a few set of wall push up. I still have a few new exercises to try thanks to my friend Shadowrun. I want to go slowly and include those into my daily routine and maybe not all at once.

I don’t feel like I am back on track just yet but I can definitely see the track from here so it’s a very positive day for me.


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8 thoughts on “Get moving!!!

  1. Seeing the track is good. And everyone has ups and downs. JUst keep moving towards the track and you’ll be good 🙂

  2. You are walking towards it – hurray for you!

  3. Do you realize I have been at work for 6 hours before you even get out of bed? lol
    I am very envious!!
    It seems to me like you’ll be getting back into the swing of things, slowly but surely. The good news is you are not going backwards. Like you said, the path is right in front of you. 🙂

    • loll I know it’s crazy right! But this morning the alarm went off(in the living room and husband turned it off so again I slept until 9h30 and since my daughter always come in bed for cuddles we got up at 10ham. Another hour less than yesterday. I will get there eventually.

      • I can only imagine how hard it is to adjust to the time change. You have the luxury to be able to adjust an hour at a time, which is probably the best way to do it. I have no doubt that you will get there.
        I got to sleep in til 6am today! That’s 3 hours longer than I have been sleeping! I felt like I was in heaven! 🙂
        Hope you have a great day!

      • It’s exactly how I see it a luxury (husband is not as lucky) and you know you apreciate the sleeping in the most when you work so early and you get to stay in bed longer! Good on you 🙂 have a great day too!

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