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Another trick maybe…

Well since I didn’t step on the board yesterday I made a point on doing it today and surprise, apparently I have lost another 5 pounds from Wednesday! Wait a minutes! I am not stupid so it has to be one of that silly balance board’s trick. Maybe I am a little stupid since when it happened last time I didn’t get a proper scale to prevent this to be. Let say that there is 5% chance that it is true and 95% that it is just a dysfunction of the board. If I would trust it it would means that I have 30 pounds lost so far….it would be nice but a little to good to be true.


So today will be a little food shopping and a little seed planting. I prepared the dirt in the pots and wet it yesterday and today we are putting the seeds in. I don’t really know when I should do it but at the worst I will have to transplant them into bigger pots before it is warm enough outside. I can see myself walking around the yard with my little basket in a summer morning to pick our food for the day…loll

Just to be honest I was still 400 calories over my goal yesterday night. I also have a dirty little secret… there was a child selling chocolate covered almonds(Wednesday) and I bought 2 . (only because it was for the school my daughter is going to go in September)  I basically  ate the whole thing except for what I share with daughter. It was delicious and the positive is that I finally got daughter to eat  nuts which is only because of the chocolate but still almonds are healthy…I wonder if she would eat a piece of meat covered in chocolate Winking smile


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2 thoughts on “Another trick maybe…

  1. Honestly, it doesn’t surprise me that you are losing weight. You keep saying you’re over your goal, but you’re still taking in way less calories than you used to. And you’re exercising more than you did before you starting your healthy lifestyle. I’ve mentioned how I think you should make sure you are eating enough, and perhaps before, you weren’t. Of course, you shouldn’t use this as an excuse to splurge, but perhaps at the weight you are right now, you should be taking in 1600-1700 calories and continue cardio and weight training exercises. Then as you lose more weight, you’ll have to decrease your calories in order to keep losing, and you’ll probably have to change up your exercises. I would use this as motivation to jump on the track right away! 🙂

    • It what I was thinking because I was eating so bad on holiday I reset my body and now “maybe ” I am able to eat more and still lose but it is still at experimental stage. I kind of taught before that I got my body used to not enough calories but it was too late but now it may be a new beguinning. Did some can lifting today as well so will see what happens tomorrow.

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