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April measurements and photos

Today was the day that I have finally took the measurements and photos that I should have taken March 1st. Better late than never and with a little longer in between there is  also  a little more difference in measurement which is nice to see!


It’s pretty hard to remember the exact same spot that we took the measurement 2 months ago. For the pictures it’s the same, different clothes and different angle makes it hard to see any difference at all. At least I have loser pants which is all I need to tell me that I am skinnier.

So I have lost a few centimeters here and there and it is great to see the measurements statistic. I now regret that I didn’t bother to do it from the start. At that moment I probably thought that if I would be around 25 pounds lighter I wouldn’t give a “$%” about measurement. Now I think differently and would love to see it.

That is it for today now I have to get cooking!


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