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Scale, calorie goal and other details…

I didn’t step on the scale for 5 days!!! For some it would sound like nothing but for me it doesn’t sounds good. I just keep forgetting to do it in the morning and when I remember it is too late. I also think my brain and memory are trying to trick me into something like: if she doesn’t know what she weighs she won’t care about what she eat.

I didn’t track my food for 5 days either so and this morning I woke up thinking that I better get myself together if I want to go forward with this journey of mine. With the help of Shadowrun I now have exercises to do to tone my arms and abs. I bought some hand weight 5 pounds and 8 pounds and started with the 5 pounds yesterday. It took me a while because I constantly have to look on the computer to know what to do but it should be faster when I know it all. I was sooo tired yesterday and after those exercises I was half dead because it really works the muscles!

This morning the balance board said 181.1 kilos/179 pounds and it was about the same last week if I don’t count my balance board making me lose half a kilos in 2 days. I didn’t eat more than usually,..

I am still waiting on my fitbit to get here so I can stop tracking on MyFitnessPal and just do it on fitbit which I think is better because it knows how active I have been and usually always gives more calorie to eat. I think MyFitnessPal somehow had my body go on starvation mode because the calorie budget stays the same unless I log exercise. But I don’t bother logging stuff like cleaning the bathroom or putting laundry away so it is not so good for me. For a while I was tracking with both and realised than Fitbit always had more calories except if I was sitting in my chair the whole day. Now that I have “reset” my body by eating whatever I wanted for a few weeks I want to see if I can still lose the weight with a little more liberty. The fitbit should get here next Monday so in the meantime I want to get my exercise routine going for good!


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8 thoughts on “Scale, calorie goal and other details…

  1. I’m glad to see you’re getting it back together. 🙂
    I can see how you’d be concerned about not weighing yourself for 5 days, but I would be more concerned about not tracking what you’ve eaten for 5 days. It’s easy to forget about those few bites of ice cream unless you write them down. lol
    I have no doubts that you’ll get back on track. Don’t be alarmed if the scale goes up once you start building muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. But the good news is, the measurements should go down as you trim up. And keep up with the cardio. You gotta give your heart muscle a work out too!
    You’re off to a great start!

    • Yeah I know not tracking doesn’t help me but somehow I do it when I step on the balance board in the morning, the 2 things go together for me so if I don’t weigh myself I feel blind and don’t feel like tracking…I know it doesn’t make sense loll

      • It makes perfect sense! Everyone is different, and you have to know what works for you so that you stay motivated and keep up with it. When I started out, I weighed myself everyday too. Some people need that, some people don’t want to see all the fluctuations….
        Glad to hear you went for a walk! Sorry to hear that it was cold and windy. 😦 It shows you’re determined again though! woohoo!

  2. beckyspringer on said:

    I like to weight myself once a week – my weight fluctuates a LOT from day to day! I use MyFitnessPal, too… but agree that the calorie goal it gives us is a littttttle low :). Good luck! You can do this! Keep us updated!!!

  3. Ok guys! I started tracking my food (i just have to keep doing it)and went for a walk! Not a long walk but pushing the stroller against the icy wind must count for a little more…

  4. I love my fitbit! I know you will too…then you can come join the Walking Challenge 🙂

    • This is my second one, I took the first one swimming and cannot wait to have my new one(I took pink this time) I will certainly join your challenge, I saw that on your blog the other day but didn’t know it had to do with Fitbit.

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