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What’s in that parcel?

So husband came back from work earlier than usual yesterday with a “you-have-got-a-parcel” card. I was wondering…is it my Fitbit? No, too early for that. So I decide to rush and get it before the place closes. I get there just when they announce “you have 15 minutes before we close the door”.


I hand the card to the mail person and she gives me back a round heavy parcel from my aunty in Quebec. It looks like one of those metal cookie box probably filled with home-made treat. Because it is so heavy I first think it’s a fruit cake, one than she use to make with  dark rum, nuts, orange peel and fruits. Then I think it could be something else yummy! No! Not something yummy and the box is so big!

So I get here and quickly grab a knife to open it. Then I grab the scissors. I am having so much trouble opening the box that I am sure I will deserve to eat whatever is in there! I could swear that my aunty works for the mail department and own a tape gun  because she used 1 brown paper bag and about half a trailer of tape to pack that box. So once I finish to take the wrapping off I find another coat of that damned tape that covers the box! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

I guess I am just a curious and impatient person. Finally! I open the lid and in it is 3 containers of delicious pure maple butter from Québec! YES! I love the stuff and it keeps for a long time in the freezer and the fridge. It means I don’t need to stuff myself before it goes bad and I can savour a little at the time. What a great Easter present!

Another occasion to practice moderation…


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4 thoughts on “What’s in that parcel?

  1. Nice way to put it… a way to practice moderation. 🙂 It sounds absolutely yummy!

  2. I have never heard of Maple butter – it sounds yummy!

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