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White Easter…

Yes! A post only to complain about the weather! It started with 5 or 9 degrees Celsius to come back at –3 with freezing wind and some snow falls here and there. I am so sick of it and my project of walking outside is on the ice for now.

Woke up with a head ache this morning, so apart from some cleaning I didn’t do too much yet. I am thinking of  making(trying) a Pavlova for Easter. It is not a bad choice for a light dessert if you replace the whipped cream with low fat Greek yogurt (I don’t know if Hubby is going to buy that). I am also going to make a chocolate fondue with heaps of fruit around the chocolate. It all sounds healthy but it really depends on the dipping part of it. As you can see I always think about dessert. We will also have a baked pineapple ham with mashed potatoes and a few kind of vegies.


So if you celebrate it, what are your plan for Easter? We bought a giant Easter egg for daughter and I hid it. Yesterday we started to tell her about a huge Easter bunny that has been seen around loll. The town organised an egg hunt on Sunday so we will go there and come back here to have our Easter lunch. The eggs should be easy to find on the snow. I guess Easter is a little early this year or is it winter that refuses to get the hell out of here! (I’m a bit frustrated about the weather)

About my weight loss journey,I forgot to get on the scale this morning and I am still struggling with calories but I am tracking my food anyway so I am not hopeless. I keep picking myself up and putting my pieces together but always seem to drop piece back on the ground. I have lost the dedication I had when I first started and with my changing moods lately everything is different from day to day. I am not quitting but I seem to be on hold. I tell myself that I am waiting for my Fitbit but it is such an easy excuse that I don’t even believe myself loll

I took a break from this post to do something: I have just changed my goal on MyFitnessPal for losing only 1/2 pound a week. Why? I don’t want my weight loss journey to last forever but I want to track on Fitbit and it always gives me more calories to eat and it changes according how much I move during the day,so in the meantime I will now have about 1600 calories per day so I don’t have an excuse not to be on goal anymore. I just want to prevent my body to go on starvation mode again so I should be fine this way. The important is to keep going no matter how slow I go so I should be able to keep that up for at least a week before I decide to change everything again!


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2 thoughts on “White Easter…

  1. You’re right. It’s important to just keep going. It sounds like you’re setting a goal that you should be able to meet, and hopefully you’ll be motivated again once you see it working.
    I sure wish you were having better weather. Then your spirits would be higher, and you’d be more motivated to exercise outdoors. (something other than shoveling ice and snow.) Hopefully it’s just around the corner from you.
    Stay strong! Don’t give up! You can do it! 🙂

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