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Another goal reached!

So even though I touched the goal for a minute 3 days ago I didn’t believe it and it didn’t last but today it is the second time so I will take it and enjoy it.

30 pounds/14 kilos lost! It makes me really happy because I look when I started, I was ready to make some real changes for my heath but I didn’t think I would really see the day where I would be 30 pounds lighter. My weight is now : 178 pounds/80.8 kilos.

I already bought my reward because I had to get it while we were in the city last week. We go there sometimes every 2 to 3 months. Even if we just came back from vacation we suddenly felt the need to go again because we were running out of espresso pods!(little tea bag filled with ground espresso coffee to save yourselves from coffee mess and gives you the same yummy espresso shot every time) As you can see we are crazy about coffee.

So I got myself a set of 5 pounds and a set of 8 pounds hand-weight. Since it was for exercise I allowed myself to use it before I had reached my goal.

Yesterday even with my higher calorie goal I was still over it. I almost kept for me but what is the point of this blog if I cannot be honest. Yesterday I have done my Exerbeat work out that I didn’t do for a month and it felt good and hard! It worked those same muscles that I worked with the hand-weight the other day but in an easier way with lots of cardio. It last 20 minutes but makes me sweat. After daughter started to do hers and I did it with her because we have fun. I guess I will have to stick with winter exercise since it’s still hanging around here.

So calorie goal= bad

exercise= good


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6 thoughts on “Another goal reached!

  1. Yep. Gotta be honest! Can’t make changes unless you admit it. Perhaps today you’ll be a little under calorie goal. If not, hopefully you’ll be right at your goal. If not, and you go over again, then just write it down and try again tomorrow. 😉 At least you’re keeping up with your exercises! That alone will create some changes – and again, you’re setting an excellent example for your daughter. Way to go!

  2. congrats!

  3. Way to go! That is awesome. As for being over your calorie goal, well sometimes it happens, and it is long term plan rather than short term blips.

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