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Easter egg hunt

We went to the rotary park around lunch time for the hunt. Everybody was on the same side of the field but we decided to get a spot on another side where there was fewer people. Smart decision because by the time the big crowd made it to where we were my daughter had already filled her little basket. She was so funny to look at! She was holding her basket perfectly straight so nothing would fall off. While all the other kids beside her rushed to the middle of the field , she stayed right there and picked  all the one that they missed. It took her about 3 minutes to get a basket full and she came back to us satisfied.

There was one side for kids 5 and under and another one for kids 6 to 12. They let the big kids go first and looking at them run, I didn’t want to be in their way loll. The Easter bunny made an appearance for the little ones and it was their turn too.

It was really fun for our daughter but for us too! She was so exited to see that big white space filled with all those colourful eggs. I am glad she only had a little basket because when I see those with huge bag, it isn’t fair for the slower kids. Also I really don’t want the chocolate to last for a month. We still have to give her the other Easter egg tomorrow. I am not just thinking about her here because I am a chocolate lover and it’s really hard not to have any….

We were kind of hungry when we came back so after a piece of chocolate we did little holes in raw egg to blow the inside out and had scramble eggs, spinach(only for me), cucumber and avocado (daughter love to eat it those directly in their shell with a bit of salt on). Some strawberries for dessert and we will be ready to paint the empty egg-shell. I didn’t do that since I was about 6 or 7 years old I think so I feel like a very old kid.

Yesterday I was 175 calories over my goal which is better than 450 the day before, I also did all of my strength exercises pushing myself and making sure I was doing them slowly to get the most out of it. Today I can feel it because my abs, legs and arms(especially the back of my arms) are kind of sore but in a good way.


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5 thoughts on “Easter egg hunt

  1. My heart is smiling on all accounts! I remember when my kids were little and doing Easter egg hunts! They were so cute, so I can just imagine how fun it was for you to watch your daughter. I’m also thrilled that your exercises seem to be working!! A little sore is good! And finally, only 175 calories over? That’s a huge success compared to where you have been! Sounds like a very “Happy” Easter for you!

  2. Hi! I am just stopping by for a little bit to comment here and on shadowrun’s blog… to let you know I don’t forget about you both… great encouragers…. I am just on “vacations” because I have family visiting but I am not taking a break from my healthy lifestyle! 🙂 Big Hugs! 🙂

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