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I have had it!

I had a beautiful week-end with my little family(the 3 of us). I didn’t track any food Saturday and Sunday and ate heaps of chocolate. I am alright with it because today I am and will stay on goal. Saturday morning the balance told me that I took 1 pound and that was exactly what I needed, a wake up call.

I could put that on the fact that it’s “the time of the month” but I think it is because I was always over my calorie goal lately. That has lasted long enough! I am sick of being out of control and complaining about it. I have had it with lazy, unmotivated me!

I have done my cardio and my yoga routine today and I was out of breath and out of shape too. I have supposedly burned 290 calories. I really wanted to have a chicken sandwich with that yummy fresh bread like the rest of my family but I took only half the bun and had plain chicken on the side and a huge amount of cucumber. Now I am full and still satisfied because I had a piece of that bread. I still have 400 calories left on my goal and it should leave me enough to have an evening snack late if I am hungry.

I really want to move towards my goal weight and healthy life and be in control of myself. It means make myself exercise and do the right food choices. I have done it before so I don’t have any excuses not to do it again.


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6 thoughts on “I have had it!

  1. I believe you! And I believe IN you! Sometimes it does take a wake up call to get you motivated. I’m just happy you didn’t go too far backwards. You don’t have too much to undo.
    We’re all behind you! 🙂

  2. Sure you can do it!! You know what to do, so having a bad weekend can be mended. In my case I am not so concerned when there are weight fluctuations because after a herbalife free weekend I am always a little up. Fortunately the fluctuations are not like 4-6 lbs, as they used to be but in my case 1 lb is still within normal fluctuations. Just start your workout routine again and I am sure you will find your way back to the “controlled” you. 😉 Keep it up!

  3. I am so excited to have a Fitbit partner – I went over my allotment for the first time yesterday – I was frantically running up and down stairs trying to burn what I was over – finally I let it go and went to bed.

    I know better for today – failing has taught me and now my behavior will change…you are such an inspiration.

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