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The day has started alright for me with a 0.6 kilo / 1.3 pound loss from Saturday. I was 400 calories under my goal yesterday because with all the chicken breast I had for dinner I was still full by bed time. Maybe being so much under isn’t so good but it probably won’t be like that everyday so once in a while shouldn’t send me into “starving mode”.

I am really hoping my Fitbit will get here today as I am so sick of waiting for it! It is so motivating when you know how much steps you day each day and how active you have been.

There is also something that I forgot to mention. When you step on the Wii balance board they usually weigh you and then tell you : that’s obese! Not nice,  I know but you get use to eat and better face the truth. The other day it told me : that’s overweight! I didn’t think earing that would make me happy but it did.

That was just a very short post, have a good day everyone!


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11 thoughts on “I just want to say…

  1. How does the fitbit display the information? do you have to upload it to the computer to see? I have a bodybugg sp and its supposed to link through bluetooth to my phone but its doesn’t work, so its kind of a pain. Also the food log is very hard to use, so im not using it to its full potential

    • Well there is a little charging station and if you keep it pluged on your computer you can just press the button on your fitbit and it wirelessly connects to the software on your computer but it happened to me a few time that I had to put it on the charging station because it wouldn’t connect. The food tracker is very good and remembers you fav food. I didn,t find a way to build recipes with portions like in MyFitnessPal yet but I can transfer it to fitbit from there. I guess all those gadget have their pros and cons 🙂

  2. I joined a group, but they don’t show up on the leaderboard 😦 I need more friends 🙂

    • At first I just went in a group and wrote that I was looking for friends and ended up with too many friends and request so I just deleted everybody! I would rather have less but more valuable friends. I suggest you friend some people that seems alright on the group you joined. It worked for me at first, just clic on their name and send them a request:-)

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