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My day was…

…as good as it started. This morning I went for a walk with daughter braving the freezing wind. She agreed to step off the stroller and walk with me if we would stop at the playground on the way back. A deal is a deal so we stopped there for a while and came back home to have lunch.

I did all my weight lifting and abs toning in the afternoon. I made good food choices today and I could even afford some chocolate with my latte. I played hopscotch, blocks and broke some more ice off the skating rink when we headed back outside later this afternoon. The days are getting so much longer here, I have to take advantage of it while it last! Even if it’s cold out there, when the sun shines it makes a big difference on my mood.

I am under my goal today as well. Only 22 calories under it but it is still alright. The exercise gave me a little extra to eat so it’s all good! I am going to bed happy with myself and positive that I can now manage to be on track.


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6 thoughts on “My day was…

  1. Sounds like you’re focused again! 🙂 I have my fingers crossed that your FitBit arrives soon! Seems like it’s taking forever!

  2. There you go again. Great for you to be back on track. Are you still doing exerbeat?? I managed to do it the last three days and I mixed it up a little. I have a program now, that contains 36 minutes with aerobic, boxing, latin dance, stretching and yoga. Plus I always try to do the daily challenge. Keep it up!

    • Thanks for cheering!Yes I still do exerbeat as it is still cold outside her and it gives a quick 20 minutes intense work out. I really like the latin dance on the board, it doesn’t seems like it at first but it really works my back and abs mucles. I tend to stay with the same routine and I should probably cnahge it a little 🙂

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