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Bike training

Today I made a “picnic-lunch” for me and daughter and we headed to the playground at the park. I want her to learn to bike and doing it in the drive way is just not enough for her to practice her legs. I knew she would want to go to the play-ground so she agreed to get on her bike and stopped 2 minutes later saying that her bum hurts. So I told her we should turn around and have our lunch outside in the yard instead because I was not going to carry the bike. She then surprised me and decided that we should keep going to the park. Everything went fine and she didn’t mention her bum being sore again.


It was such a nice day, for once the freezing wind was not there so we could enjoy a more normal spring weather. We had our lunch on a park seat and she ate the whole sandwich and the crust as well. After that she went and played and I packed up the remaining in her pink basket(she carried everything in there). Some other little girls showed up to the play ground and they had a good time together. Finally someone of her size to go on the see-saw!

On the way back home she walked beside the bike a little and rode the rest of the way on the bike. She was complaining and was so tired but she managed the ride back home I am very proud of her! If I want to have a proper walk,  I will have to go by myself before husband goes to work because she is not ready for a longer ride yet, maybe this summer…

According to Fitbit I am still on goal for the moment so it’s all good!


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3 thoughts on “Bike training

  1. Exercising with your daughter is a great though! Even if it was a short ride. You’ll get some exercise in and she’ll get some good exercise habits!

    • Yeah! That’s what I am trying to do. She was so tired when we got home she said I don’t want to bike anymore loll But I know her and she likes to go to the park so I will attach those 2 things together 🙂

  2. It won’t be long til it’s not so tiring for her. I think she’ll get better by summer too, and then you’ll have a hard time keeping up!

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