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Welcome Fitbit!

My second Fitbit got here yesterday. I couldn’t use it yesterday because it had to charge. Somehow it wouldn’t link to my Fitbit account so after a while I figured out that I had to uninstall the Fitbit software and re-install it on my computer. It worked and now I am all set.

I got one for Hubby too and when he got home from work yesterday, he stepped on the balance board and we set is goal weight. At first he wanted to know how many step he does at work in a day(he works in restaurant)  but he might get himself caught counting calories with that thing. Will see what happens but when he sees how many hours he sits in a day it might make him move a little more like it did for me. I would like him to be at a healthier weight as well. I love him as he is but all that weight gets more dangerous the older you get and all the stress he gets from work along with the weight cannot be good for him. Anyway I am sure he will like all the statistic about himself and we set his goal on easy which is probably losing 1/2 pound a week. I will keep you updated in a few weeks about him.

For myself my goal was set on “kind of hard” and I will see today what happens and might change it for an easier one as well.

It is Thursday, the day of the week that I check in at scale junkie and on my loss progress page. Yesterday I was 357 under my goal and was not hungry. It means I made good food choices the whole day. I am happy about that and about what I saw this morning when I stepped on the board! Yesss!


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One thought on “Welcome Fitbit!

  1. Finally! 🙂
    Is that another 2 pound loss? You’re doing awesome for not thinking you’re doing so awesome. lol

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