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Today I felt like trying something different about my health. When I started this journey it was to lose weight to feel more comfortable with my own body but also to get rid of those health problems that built up with the weight.

One of those annoying health problems is psoriasis. I have always been prone to dandruff but somehow it was kept under control by just head and shoulder or normal shampoo. Since a few years it got worst and now my head is itchy and when I scratch big flakes come off my scalp.  I used to live right in front of the sea breathing salty air everyday and swimming in it during the summer. Somehow I think it use to help keeping my scalp problem under control.

My doctor didn’t really diagnosed me but prescribed me Stieprox which is an antifungal shampoo. It kind of helped for a little while but not anymore.

I started to look at natural alternative like this Olivier shampoo and this one and I think it is a bit pricy for a bottle of shampoo. After I looked into making my own shampoo  with rosemary essential oil which apparently would really help reduce the problem. All the recipe asked for something I didn’t have on hand so I opted for the baking soda option. I know it doesn’t sound as good as herbal essence but I am at a point where shampoo doesn’t help me anymore and I think all the chemicals in there might make my scalp problem worst that it would actually be.

So this is only an experiment  and I will try it for about 2 weeks and see what happens. I don’t have rosemary essential oil right now but I will get some. In the meantime I will infuse fresh rosemary and use this water to mix with the baking soda and the vinegar rinse as well. Here is where I found the way to do it and I will add the essential oil with the backing soda when I have it. Prior to do the “shampoo” I will massage my scalp with warm Monoi (flower infused coconut oil) or olive oil and let it sit for 30 minutes.

I will do other post about my experience with baking soda, rosemary and vinegar. I will tell you if I hid in my house or if it was good enough to show my head in public. Apparently it feels weird at first and takes a little while for your hair to detox from the chemical shampoo so I will try to keep an open mind and have patience for once.

First try

Maybe for the first baking soda shampoo in my life, the idea of rehydrating my scalp with oil prior to shampoo was not the best move. I can hear you laughing right now…My hair is still very oily after this so I will just see it as a treatment for now and start fresh tomorrow with no pre-oil massage. loll. Honestly it felt like a rosemary marinade and I was the piece of meat. I still smell like rosemary but not like vinegar. Since I didn’t planned any outing today, it’s alright. Hopefully no one will knock at the door…


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2 thoughts on “Just an experiment

  1. Love your desire to learn and try things…I found out for myself very quickly that my scalp loves the oil but my hair doesn’t and it holds it forever!!!! Good luck with finding the answer.

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