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Hey it’s me Winter…

…Did you think I was gone for good?  I have decided to stick around for a while, would you like some snow for a few days? NOOOOOO!

Yep! I saw spring coming and it looks like it changed its mind. What can I do? Not much and I am not getting depress about that. Instead I am just going to keep going with my indoor exercise.


I did pretty good yesterday. I was like 400 calories under my goal. I don’t really want that but the calorie goal on Fitbit is a bit hard to figure out in advance because it adjust as I go. I was in bed and it said you are under you goal and you can eat this many calorie but was I going to get up to eat a cookie? No, I didn’t even feel like it and wasn’t hungry anyway. On top of that I did my work out Exerbeat which is about 250 calories and after with my daughter we kept doing some of the children exercise and the daily challenge that we first practiced and then did it and passed it. So I ended at 450 calories burned! I didn’t really notice that I was working out after my usual routine because we were just playing and having fun.

Apart from the fun, there is one thing that annoys me a lot on Exerbeat. It’s when you do children exercises with your kid and there is a winner!?! Why??? Why do we need a winner? To make your child upset? And they pushed it at making the loser’s avatar upset as well!!! What the hell do they think? I know that children need to learn to lose( and mine did learn to lose nicely and not to brag when she wins) but not every time! And they certainly don’t need to learn that if you don’t win you absolutely need to be sad and upset! What happened to the part where you are happy for your friend?

It would be such a better game if I wouldn’t need to watch myself and make a point on missing heaps of moves so she gets to win a few times! When you play on Exerbeat adult there is no winner and it’s what it should be. It should be only about fun! Kids don’t need to learn that every time they exercise there has to be a winner and a loser. They should be learning that if you exercise you become a winner!

So this morning I was down 0.1 kilos from yesterday which is good. I don’t mind it going down slowly as long as it goes down. 


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5 thoughts on “Hey it’s me Winter…

  1. I’m so sorry you’re not having spring yet. We actually had a week of summer temperatures, now we’re back to 60-70 degree weather. Typical for this time of year, but I was getting used to 80s!
    I totally agree with you about the exerbeat for kids! Especially the part where their character gets upset. I suppose you could always use it as a teaching tool for your daughter to show her how NOT to behave, and point out how “silly” they look, or whatever term you want to use.
    Congrats on being down 0.1 kilos – however much that is. lol

  2. Good job with your weight loss! You are doing great! I’ve been very hungry lately (I don’t even know why!) but I am glad you are not struggling with that! 🙂 I agree with you about the exerbeat for kids… there shouldn’t be a “defeated loser” like that… sorry about that.. it can definitely be aggravating! 🙂 Hugs!

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