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Is grocery shopping a work-out?

If you read my last post you know that I was wondering if doing the shopping was exhausting because I was unfit. There is certainly some of that but apparently I am not the only one who finds this task tiring.

So just to be clear  about what exactly I mean with shopping I will just say what it involves for me.


– Taking daughter out of booster seat

– Pushing the cart

– Filling up the cart

– Unpacking the cart

-Packing in boxes (Yes I shop at one of those self-packing cheapy shop)

-Putting the boxes in the cart

-Putting daughter back in the seat

-Repeat the process for a few shops

-Getting all the boxes inside the house

-Unpacking and putting everything away

After that, I just sit down, have a snack and a rest.

So written like that it seems more like a work out. Thanks to my Fitbit now I know that I have burned 320 or more calories, I did about 3000 steps which is about 2.29 km. Because I am me, I forgot to press the button to log the activity but the numbers should be about right. Next time I will make sure I log it and will have a more accurate number.

Today I got 2 things for my money : food and a work-out. I love doing 2 things at once so it makes me pretty happy to think of shopping as an exercise as well.

So next time when you finish your day and the house is clean, you have done all your chores and you are too tired to do your work-out, maybe it’s because you already did it! 


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8 thoughts on “Is grocery shopping a work-out?

  1. It can definitely be a workout! Especially the way you described it! I’m in pretty good shape and still get worn out after lugging hundreds of dollars worth of groceries into the house and then putting them away. Good for you killing two birds with one stone! πŸ™‚

  2. Yeah – my kids are a workout in themselves too, but I just figure they’ll help me sleep at night!

  3. wow! This is sooo cool! Thanks for sharing your “findings” ! I’ll see “grocery shopping” differently now! In my case I’ll add a very active 16 month old to the equation!

  4. Sounds like quite a hassle. I remember when I used to help my older sister do her shores when her first son was still small and we had to get all those things done. Ja, definately a workout!

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