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Walking in silence

Because my husband works in hospitality we often have our week-end in a different time that the majority. Sometimes we have Saturday and Sunday but most of the time it’s Sunday and Monday. I don’t mind it like that because at the moment I am at home and that way if we go to the city we have one day where everything is open.


So we didn’t go anywhere this week-end but the weather was nice yesterday. Very sunny, no wind and around 5 degree Celsius. Husband rode his bike to the park and me and daughter walked there. The best part of it was that Husband stayed with daughter at the play ground while I went for a walk ALONE. No one complaining “I want to go home” just me with the sun and the almost silence. I guess with no one to call “Mom” it really feels like silence.

After we were back my Fitbit said that my walk was about 3.6 kilometers. When I was thinking of doing 5 km I saw it as a looooooooong way but in fact it’s not too bad. I would just need to do 1.4 km more! I was pretty happy to realise that. It’s not for now because it is suppose to snow again, but now I know that it is accessible to me. I will just need to find a way to get up before everyone else. Any volunteer to poor a bucket of icy water on me in the morning. It would have to be someone who runs fast!

So this morning I am down another pound and it’s all good. After I finish this post, I am off to do some walking at the grocery store. I am going to log that activity because after the shopping, bringing everything inside and putting it away,  I am always exhausted and what I usually think is that I am in such in a bad shape. I know that I am not in the best shape ever but I am certainly better than I was so I want to see if I have a reason to be tired after shopping or not.


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4 thoughts on “Walking in silence

  1. Good for you and your walk and good point about shopping – it is exhausting!

  2. If you can do 3.6, you can do 5k! It’s nice to be able to go off on your own, isn’t it? That’s what started my early morning workouts. I’d get up before the kids so I could have some peace. I still get up early years later because I realized what a great part of the day morning is! 🙂

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