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Almost 5 km

I just went for a walk and now that I am back I can see on my Fitbit that I walked for 1 hour and 13 minutes. I did 6503 steps which is 4.96 km. I burned 433 calories!!! Yay! The gadget didn’t know that I was pushing my daughter in the stroller so it might be even more calories. I am tired but happy with myself.


I just wanted to go for a little walk and stop to the playground on the way back. Finally I took a new trail to walk a little extra and I didn’t get lost but ended up in crescents and streets that didn’t go the way I was expecting so we found a new playground and stop to this one instead. The way home was shorter and it’s good because my legs were kind of sore. I almost touched the 5 km but I had a break when we were at the play ground. It’s alright, if the weather keeps being beautiful like today, I will keep walking and get better.

It was a bigger work-out than going shopping but way more relaxing!


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4 thoughts on “Almost 5 km

  1. There are days when I feel I won’t be able to get “all my exercise in” but it’s great when in the end you “count” what you did and you find great surprises … many calories burned, many steps walked… and a new found playground to enjoy! 🙂

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  3. You know, when I was losing weight I came across a quote that said something to the effect of “If you want to be thin, follow a thin person around to see what they do.” And you know what most of them do? Walk A LOT! They are always moving – maybe on purpose, maybe not – but because they are moving they are burning calories. And now that you can keep track, you can see how true it is! 🙂
    Even standing burns more calories than sitting. To this day, I don’t really sit until couch time at night.
    Sounds like your walk was enjoyable as well, which will make it easier to walk again the next time, despite the sore legs. (And sore is good! It means your muscles have to repair themselves…. which burns calories!!)
    So well done! Keep it up! And go for that extra tenth of mile the next time! 🙂

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