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Can I handle fluctuations?

Yes I can…but of course it does feel better when the scale goes down even for a fraction of a pound. Yesterday morning the balance board told me 175 pounds! I was happy and it was the same the day before and I have been down a little everyday this week so I took it for granted. Since I  have been on track with my calorie goal this week the numbers seemed right.

This morning the board told me 177 pounds! Oups! I am alright but it seems to be a huge fluctuation and I don’t understand since I have been pretty good at keeping on track this week. I know it can go up and down if I weight everyday but 2 pounds at once is a lot. So I am analysing myself and the only thing I haven’t done right is skipping the toning yesterday and going to bed to late for 3 days. Don’t worry I am getting right back into toning today even if I don’t think it has anything to do with that. I am just wondering if sleep have a direct effect on weight fluctuation.

I guess sometimes it goes down 2 pounds and I don’t take it seriously because it doesn’t make any sense and I know it will be back up so I will just to the same with this morning weight-in.


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10 thoughts on “Can I handle fluctuations?

  1. I did an experiment a couple of weeks back and weighed myself 3 times a day for a week. I couldn’t believe the massive fluctuations over the course of a day, let alone from one day to the next. Over the course of the week, my weight went from 4lb less than I started to 5lb more – a variance of 9lb!! I was amazed – especially when at my actual weekly weigh in I had in fact lost 2lb from the week before. So I am a firm believer in the once a week only method now! Don’t worry about the 2lb – it could be any number of things, usually a gain like that is just to do with water unless you can actually pinpoint the reason. You’re doing great!

    • Thanks for visiting moo! 9 pounds is such a big difference! You are right it could be from anything so I don,t worry abou tit too much, I just find it weird but I will just keep my focus on doing good with calorie and exercise.:-)

  2. I’m having the same problem, I bounce from 200 to 202 like every other day. Its crazy and frustrating, but I just keep telling myself “keep going.” In the end it doesn’t matter what you weigh as long as you are getting healthy.

  3. 1) there is natural variation as people say of 2-5 pounds a week, specially round that time for women
    2) sleep absolutely affects weight loss
    3) radical changes to sodium (drop or increase) can cause temporary water weight changes
    4) etc etc

  4. It is hard to see those things (even when we want to be strong and say “it’s just numbers”) It is hard! I’ve been going through that … and even when the last two days it’s been +.2 pounds +.4 pounds it’s been difficult … you can’t help but wonder! I guess we have to stay focused on the fact that what we are doing is changing our lives… not just a “daily number” no matter how many times we see a +2 or so… as long as we are doing what we are supposed to do we KNOW we’ll be healthier and thinner too in the long run… hang in there… better numbers are coming your way! (and mine too!) Big Hugs!

  5. Weight is kinda like the stock market – everyday it changes a little – sometimes up, sometimes down, but overall the trend is a positive one. Of course we want the stock market numbers to go up, and the weight to go down, but it’s the same concept. If you’re in it for the long haul, you’ll see the positive results! Stay strong!

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