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Today my husband was working a later shift so before lunch, when he was playing with daughter I took the time for myself and went for a walk. No stroller to push was really nice. That same old nasty wind was there so I just started my walk facing it to do the hardest part first. I took a new trail and made it to the rotary park and followed another new path that leads to a street that I normally walk with daughter. It was nice to walk through the bush, hear the river and even some birds. When I got home 1 hour later my legs were all shaky and I was really tired. I sat down for 5 minutes and made myself something to eat, then I found out that I was not as tired anymore. I mean before it would have taken me longer to get over the walk!


So in 1hour and 5 minutes I walked 5.05 km, burned 391 calories and climbed 4 floors (little hills really). I really enjoy those Fitbit stats! For the whole day I did 11800 steps and by the way I am now participating in a walking challenge at “stopping the wind” and I will go log my steps before I forget again…

Ok, I am back now…So where was I? … what I find really weird is the few times that I had long walks I hate less during the day. I would think it would be the opposite but I am not complaining about that!

I seem to have hit a little plateau this week, I am still doing my weight lifting and strength exercise every other day and I wish I could say the same for my long walk but I am trying. I have been under calorie goal for a while too so I will just keep at it and try to be more patient.

It’s about time that I start walking seriously because the other day and today, after and during the walk I had a sore back. Getting pain in the back from walking? Really? I always knew my back was the weakest part of my body but at this point it’s almost ridiculous. I guess there is some muscles in there that don’t get use enough.


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10 thoughts on “Walking and other things

  1. Congratulations on the 5k! I always go face first into the wind at the beginning too. That way going home doesn’t seem so bad. 🙂
    You’re right to stay patient! As fast as you want the pounds to come off, it’s better that you’re developing a healthy lifestyle. The weight will come off in time. Sounds like you’re excited about things again! I’m glad!
    Is it the muscles in your back that are sore? Or is it more in your spine??

    • Yes I am a little more motivated that I was after my vacation:-) It’s my lower back that is sore the most and sometimes the muscles along the spine but those I know it will go eventually. I will just keep walking anyway and see if it all adjust.

  2. Isn’t the fitbit addictive? I have the goals set up so it tells me how much to move to match my activity level – for the first time i my life I am not eating enough – so glad you are a part of the Walking Challenge.

    Now we have to get yo to be a part of the Stair Challenge 🙂

  3. It might take me a little more take to get one of those things, Kaya’s medical bills, sort of killed any wish to spend money at the moment. Sure looks interesting though. 😉

  4. A plateau is nothing more than your body trying to catch up to your awesomeness! lol What kind of sneakers do you wear? Those can make all the difference when you’re walking in regards to back pain. You can go to a sneaker store and they can help you find the right shoe for how you walk. Some people walk on the outside of their foot some on the inside…it can affect your back though. Back pain is the worst! Keep up the good work though!!! You make me want to walk more!!

    • You have a point there. I have merrels vibrams I think but I have had them for a long time. I could use some new ones I guess. I should look under it to see if I am an outside or inside foot walker. Thanks for the support 🙂

      • Never heard of them…every girl needs a new pair of shoes sometimes! lol I hope your pain subsides and you take back your stride haha

      • Well I went again yesterday and it was better but I did some yoga to stretch my back prior to the walk so it might have helped or maybe my body is getting use to walking :- )

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