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What’s worth a 5 km walk?

The last few days I have been Spring cleaning! It’s been hard work and I did lots of steps without realising it. It was just as much as going for a 5 km walk. Today I guess I have been slacking a little or maybe it just depends on the kind of cleaning I was doing because I didn’t do so many steps. I have been putting cleaning, scrubbing and tiding up before myself


Yesterday night I managed to do my Exerbeat work out and weirdly it felt easier than usual. I think I am getting stronger and fitter! Actually today I have done my weight lifting and upgraded all the exercise from 5 pounds to 8 pounds. I didn’t do as many because it was harder to do. Now I feel like I guess I needed those 5 pounds weights but I feel like I didn’t use them very long. I think I will use them both in one hand and do one arm after another when I will upgraded to 10 pounds. That way I won’t need to buy another set.

I am really hungry today so I am guessing that I will hit that special time of the month soon. I hate that period of the month because the cravings I get are very difficult to control. The fact that I baked a rum cake for husband’s birthday didn’t helped me at all. I can still smell it even after mixing spices and  cooking tandoori chicken. It’s calling me but I will resist.


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2 thoughts on “What’s worth a 5 km walk?

  1. You’re like me. I love to bake, but the items I bake are definitely not diet worthy. I will usually just take a taste or two, then leave some for my family and bring the rest to work. At this point, I find it pretty easy to resist foods like that. I’ve been through the weight loss ordeal and know how hard it is, so I’m still pretty motivated to not put it back on. The good news for you though, is that once you’re in the maintenance stage, you’ll have a little more flexibility. A slice of cake every great while is not going to be a deal breaker. Right now, it’s probably best that you resist, or find a healthier version of something you enjoy. 🙂

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