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Where to start…

I think it started when I baked a rum cake for husband’s birthday because it’s his favourite. By now I can just say that it might also be my favourite or it is simply addictive. We had a piece after lunch and I allowed myself to eat some because I thought I would be able to control myself like I do with cookies that are often in the house. I was so wrong! I lost it. Hubby was gone at work and was suppose to take half the cake with him but he forgot. All I could think about was that damned cake. I had another piece and another piece. I felt out of control and ashamed that some pastry could make me feel that way. I even stopped logging my food for the day.


Today I didn’t log anything either and didn’t step on the board. I just kept going like if tracking calories wasn’t part of my life. I ate normally but I also had more cake but in a more controlled way. I didn’t have that shame feeling and felt like all the damage was already done so I should enjoy some more.

Tomorrow I will step on the scale again and face the music. I will just start again and focus on my goal. I think maybe I can handle eating one cookie during the day even if there is more in the pantry but I shouldn’t bake anything for a while. I felt so bad yesterday but today I just feel like taking control over myself and getting back on the healthy track.

I am ready to look forward from tomorrow and keep trying to learn moderation even if it is going to take a loooooong time! I am just not going to practice with cake!


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14 thoughts on “Where to start…

  1. We’ve all had days like this! I once had to spray an extra large bag of chips with hair spray to stop me from eating the ENTIRE bag in one sitting! 😦

  2. I would have a problem with rum cake myself. Sadly my birthday is almost here, so I think I will let the kids pick the cake, though I know they will pick chocolate. Oh well. But we all have days like that

  3. It’s true. We all have days like that. You’re doing the right thing by gaining control again. As hard as it is, there are somethings that you’ll have to ‘ban’ in order to stop the temptation. Or perhaps find substitutions for. It’s definitely helpful if the rest of the people in the family are working towards the same goal. I didn’t have that luck either, so I would watch everyone else pig out, and I’d have my broccoli and apples. But I also didn’t ban ALL my favorites. You already know how much I love ice cream. I would reward myself at the end of a “good” day with a cup of that, so I didn’t feel totally denied. It’s all about finding what works for you, and figuring out how you can lose weight without feeling deprived or hungry. It can be done, and I know you’ll find a way!

  4. I agree! Don’t worry about it, we’ve all been there. I once put dish soap all over brownies before I threw them away so I wouldn’t be tempted to take them out of the trash.

  5. I am finding that days off are essential – I also think one of my favorite things about hike day is that I burn so many calories I can pretty much eat anything I want. That freedom carries me for the rest of the week.

    You are doing great!

  6. I feel you, there are days when I want to eat so much junk! My family doesn’t help a whole lot. They all have the metabolisms of tri-atheletes even though NONE of them exercise. They think a wonderful gift is a chocolate bar. 🙂 I have had to set up a different storage place for the foods that I eat. It helps me not see their food when I am making a meal for myself.

    You can do it…tomorrow is a new day, with no mistakes in it yet. (Yes, I stole that from Anne of Green Gables).

  7. Dear friend! I hear you!!! I know the feeling!!! (And you know I do!!) I hope it’s all going better now! For some reason we are our worst enemy and we sabotage ourselves… but… you’ll get there… this is just a bump and you’ll get past it! 😉 Hugs!

  8. Thanks Thinlady, I passed it and i am looking forward now

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