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When we came back from our holiday at the end of march we made a decision. I wanted to re-start my home day care but I didn’t want to do it in our house because it is too small. With 6 children you just cannot leave your stuff everywhere like you would normally.


We decide to rent our house and buy a bigger one with entrance directly to the basement so clients wouldn’t come into our home everyday. They would only go in the day care.

When I stopped my day care I had some health problem and was getting very stressed too. I felt like all I was doing all day was saying: don’t touch this, do go there, don’t do that. Having a place only for children would cut the “don’t” from half at least.

My daughter is going to start pre-school in September and I feel like making some money as well. Buying a bigger house means bigger payments but we see that as an investment. It is very scary for me because I kind of had my IBS under control for a while. Less stress helped a lot but also changes in diet and I am sure losing weight has made a difference too. I am scared that it starts again if I start working again but at least I would be working in my home.

This morning I had an IBS episode which could be the damned pizza I ate yesterday(I was under calorie goal) or the stress from trying to find the right home for us. I guess I have a stress management problem because that kind of thing is getting to me.

We visited about 10 houses and it gets confusing but then we slashed a few out because it is easier to find the one you don’t want. With me needing a direct entrance to the basement narrows our search which is good because too many choices is difficult. I am always scared to make a wrong decision.

Our town is a bit weird because it has 2 distinct part.

Up the hill: More grown up trees, forest feel, forest trails, older houses, a little more expensive

Down in the valley: smoke from the wood mill, school proximity, more house for your money, newer houses, very humid underground because houses need to have sump pump

I like up the hill better because we don’t get as much of the mill smoke and there is proximity to bush walking trails. Down the valley sometimes it smells a little and I feel like it has all been constructed over a swamp. Husband don’t think we should let pass a good house down the valley because of this. I always worry about future problem so it makes it harder for me.

We saw a house up the hill that had so much space in it! It would be perfect for us but we would have to replace the roof and all the window eventually. The bathrooms are old as well and we would like to remove the carpet from the bedrooms. We would have to do a little every year. It would cost lots of money but we could sale it for more in the future. Down the hill we can have a house fairly new with no renovations to do. I am all mixed up and don’t know what to do.

There is always a compromise to do and don’t seem to have a perfect solution. Until we make a decision I am stock we this in my head unless I fall asleep.

On the health side of it somehow I think I should find a way to manage stress or relax the inner me. I have been on goal yesterday and today so far but I didn’t do any exercise at all. I should do that tomorrow because I know it can only help. I am only 0.1 kilo more than before my rum cake episode so it’s not too bad.. Thank you for reading, it feels good to write things down.


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6 thoughts on “Decision

  1. julesdownunder on said:

    Good luck with your decision; the big ones are never easy!

  2. I hope you find a way to get rid of stress… keeping a “grateful journal” always helps… it’s pretty much “counting your blessings” everyday… I know it helped me… I know it’s not easy to stay focused and lose weight when there is stress and when there are decisions to make… I know you can do it though! 😀 … oh! also there is something I’d like to share with you and with Shadowrun… but It would have to be via e-mail… is it possible you’d share your e-mail address? If not… I understand! 🙂

  3. I know this is stressful for you, but it’s an exciting time too! I think Thin Lady has it right to keep a “count your blessings” journal. It should help you focus on the great things in your life, and maybe the more stressful things won’t seem so bad. I must say that you DO tend to keep your posts pretty positive, though.
    Good luck on the house hunting, and the in-home daycare. (That sounds stressful to me…. after years of raising kids and teaching, I am thrilled to be working with adults now. :))

    • I am happy that my post seems to be mostly positive:-) Day care is stressful but for now it let me stay at home with daughter and also making some money so I will do that for a while. I wouldn’t mind having an adult to talk to during the day but hiring would cost me cost me all the money I would make from more kids. We are only allowed to 6 per adult which makes totally sense to me anyway!

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