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I have realise lately that losing weight starts in the head first. I mean when I feel a bit down and tired I am weaker and tend to go on the negative side. When I am happy and content with myself I feel positive and no cravings can destroy me.


I guess to stay positive I have to make sure that I get enough sleep, that I get some exercise too and fuel my body properly with plenty of fruit and vegies. So it’s like a circle. I feel good with myself and the little victories makes me happy and positive so I do what’s right for me and can take on bigger challenges. Somehow if something is missing I am kicked out of it and get in the other circle, the negative one.

The other day I felt very tired and stressed. I didn’t exercise, I probably didn’t get enough sleep either so I started to go down in my mind and gave in to cravings and created situation that would make me eat the wrong food.

That is just me anylising myself and coming up with that theory. I should have a plan when stressful times comes: I must eat well, sleep well and exercise to fight the stress and make sure I stay in the positive circle because the other one is not going to help me at all.


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6 thoughts on “Circles

  1. It is all linked together, isn’t it? It’s still true for me today. Some days I’m so tired and cranky, that all I want to do is sit and eat. Then THAT makes me cranky, because I know I shouldn’t. So I still feel the same things you feel. And like you, I find that if I just force myself to go for a walk, I feel SO much better. In fact, I’m thinking I better do that right now, because I’m tired and cranky, and just want some ice cream and bed. 😉

  2. Yes… it definitely starts “in the head” first!!! It’s so true! And definitely our thoughts/emotions and actions are all linked … it’s hard because our very worst enemy is inside ourselves the good news is that also inside of us is that strength and power to overcome it all.

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