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hippyI don’t know if you remember or if you paid attention at all but 3 weeks ago I started to experiment on myself. No I am not a mad scientist! I am only someone with a scalp problem who is looking for a natural solution. Short story is that my antifungal shampoo has worked for a little while keeping things under control but it didn’t anymore.

I started to wash my hair with baking soda and rosemary oil (suppose to be good against psoriasis) and I was supposed to update after 2 weeks. I totally forgot about it but not because I have stopped the experiment. It just doesn’t feel like an experiment anymore.

Before the experiment my scalp was horribly itchy and full of flakes stock too it. My hair was always difficult to comb even with lots of conditioner. I was losing a lot of hair. I have long hair and I know that it makes it more noticeable but it was more than most people.

Now my hair are so easy to comb it’s amazing. The amount of hair lost when I wash and comb  is now at least cut in half from before. My scalp still has flakes. I often apply directly some rosemary essential oil on some spots and it seems to have diminished but I also fight hard not to scratch which probably helps as well. It is less itchy that it used to be. My hair feel good and still shines.

How does it feel?

When you wash your hair with backing soda of course it doesn’t smell as good as normal shampoo. I put rosemary oil in the mixture because of my scalp. Someone who doesn’t have any scalp problem could use any essential oil to perfume it. When you wash your hair, it feels like you are rubbing your scalp with sand and you have to take the time to apply a little bit everywhere on your head so it seems to take longer than normal shampoo. So what amazed me at first was the fact that you start with a head full of “sand”  and as soon as you rinse it, the soda clears right away and there no tangles. After, I rinse with water and apple cider vinegar and it feels like conditioner a bit. the difference is that contrary to normal conditioner, I don’t have any trouble rinsing the apple cider vinegar mix.

I didn’t use normal shampoo for 3 weeks and my hair is not oily at all. Actually it use to be oily after 1 day and now it is not as bad. It got better after a about a week but looked cleaned after about 2 baking soda shampoo. I am just glad the process and the ingredients are simple. Hopefully with the rosemary essential oil  it will have more effect on my scalp on the long run.

I am doing my best to be as honest as I can and NOT to make it sound better than it is.  I know that the whole natural alternative make me sound like a hippy and must make some reader laugh but I don’t mind and I think it’s the right path for me. I wouldn’t even have considered this if I didn’t have scalp issues but I think I would have missed on a chance to get my hair healthier so I must have a hippy side after all.


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8 thoughts on “My hippy side

  1. There comes a time in your life when you realize that it doesn’t matter what others think, you just gotta do what’s best for you, and what makes you happy. Congrats to you for going down a less traveled road! And be proud of your “hippy – ness”. 🙂

  2. Fantastic – this is going on my list to try…such a great post.

  3. My sister had the same problem and she used neem oil and it worked WONDERS. She basically massaged slightly warmed neem oil into her scalp (massaged it for 10-15 minutes) and then let it sit in for 8 hours and washed her hair after 8 hours..she did this atleast 1 to 2 times a week (she usually left it on overnight because she didn’t want to step out during the day with an oily head! Just put a towel on your pillow!)

  4. My dad has psoriasis, really bad but not on his head… his is mostly on elbows, hands and legs, do you think the baking soda and oil would be good for him too? I am wondering! His is really chronic… and I wish I knew how to help him! I am glad it’s working for you!!

    • Like I said my psoriasis is still there but I make a huge effort not to scratch and I think for the moment the improvment is more losing less hair and hair being more healthy but what I am trying for the scalp psoriasis is rosemary essential oil mixed in the baking soda. I also applied a little on some spot and really there is one spot that seems to have a hint of improvement BUT I cannot say right now that it works for psoriasis. I will keep trying the rosemary essential oil for a while and also try to hydrate with maybe neem oil(see comment above) or some other kind of oil. I took some information over the internet and I don’t have a clue if it will work or not on long term. I also have bad elbow and feet and I think it’s also from psoriasis and I just keep putting monoi(coconut oil) and it keeps the elbow not too bad but the feet it’s another story. So I read that rosemary oil has helped someone on a forum and on another site too, it’s why I am trying it but it is still an experiment. I hope your Dad finds something to help his psoriasis because It is a pain in the ****! 🙂

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