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House hunting

I am not through our “week-end” yet because for us Monday is our Sunday. So far I have been ok with food except from yesterday’s pasta. I was still on goal but I didn’t have time for a walk because I was cleaning the house like a maniac. Someone came to have a look and we now have a future renter. We only made a verbal agreement for now because they still have to do a police and credit check. He seemed like a good person so the first step towards our new house is almost done.


After we saw the renter we went and re-visited 2 houses. That was my walk for the day loll. there is one that we kind of like (me more than husband I think) so we ended up crossing one of them off so it’s good. We didn’t pick one yet and we are going to see some more today. I am sick to look at houses because it always gets me confused on which one I like or not. Most of the time I know which one I don’t like at least. I will do my best to stay on goal today and tomorrow it should be easier to get back to exercise.


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4 thoughts on “House hunting

  1. That’s funny – Monday is your “Sunday” and it’s actually MY “Friday!!” The joys of the hospitality business, right?
    I think when you find the right house, you’ll know. How great that you have a renter already though!
    Cleaning house can be exercise enough, so even if you didn’t walk, at least you weren’t just sitting around!
    Good luck with the house hunting!

    • I think we found the one today! I will blog about it eventually when it’s more official. Another thing almost done! 🙂 Yeah hospitality means weird days off. It doesn,t really matter for now because daughter is not in school and I don,t work but when I start working the week I am going to try to make him change his week end for the real week end. He did it before so it’s doable but there would only be the occasionnal saturday on big event.

  2. Ja, me too, can’t wait for what you have found. 😉

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