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We have a deal

The day started in a rush for me compare to my usual mornings. I jumped in the shower, made daughter breakfast, made myself a coffee and peanut butter toast to go and we all hopped in the jeep to meet the real estate agent.

Yes! It means that we found a house that suits us. (I will post some pictures eventually) We signed the papers and will take possession in July if everything goes smoothly with the bank. We have a tenant our present house with a 2 years contract. The mover is almost booked as well.

In that rush I forgot to step on the balance board this morning but it’s not the end of the world, I only feel like I am blinded for today. Yesterday I was at 78.2 kilos/172 pounds so I will just take this weight for todays “official” one . With the new house story I really didn’t exercise but I have done really good keeping under my calorie goal. The only exercise that I did this week was yesterday while the negotiation for the house was happening. I was so nervous in between calls, I was almost getting crazy when I just naturally walked in my room and started to do some weight lifting. It really made me feel better and after since it took the owner forever to make a decision I just started to walk really fast in the house and it calmed me down too.

I am really proud of myself for yesterday because I invited our neighbour for tea and me and daughter made cookies for the occasion. I already knew that the recipes was too big even if cut in half so I only did a quarter of it. I only had 2 (100 cal.)while Anne was here and nothing since. There is only a few left and husband seems to like them so they will disappear soon.  I will probably be busier in the next weeks so there is a chance for lest post and less visit on my blogger friends as well. It won,t mean that i am giving up or forget you guys but I will have a few things to organise and lots of boxes to pack.

So how many calories can I burn packing boxes? loll


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4 thoughts on “We have a deal

  1. Yippee! I can’t wait to see pictures! Packing boxes is definitely a calorie burner, especially if you focus on making it a workout. Do squats, carry them the long way around…. anything you can do to make it a little tougher. 😉
    Congratulations on limiting your cookie intake. It really is okay to eat a treat now and then so you don’t feel deprived. ThinLady and Janet both have some great posts about eating. Dieting isn’t about starvation and deprivation.
    You’re doing great! Good choice to burn off some of that nervous tension by walking around the house and weight lifting. I’m excited that things seem to be working out for you!! 🙂

    • Thanks! I was just happy that I could bake some cookies without going all crazy and eat them all at once but I still will only bake on occasion just for prevention loll Yes our life is definitly moving! There is a lot of organisation and bloody phone calls but I will have to learn to take some time to exercise and do a little “work” everyday. I just feel like finishing everything right away but it’s impossible and to hard on me and daughter who also need my attention. I just had a crazy day but I am happy about all the changes coming! 🙂

  2. Ja, I am also really looking forward to the pictures. I always enjoy looking at flats online, as if I were actually looking for one. Most fo the time, I either can’t afford them or I just don’t like where there are but I just loooove to look at flats. You were really nervous there, I can imagine but things worked out it seems, so congrats on your new house. 😉

    • Thanks, I also look at house all the time online, even in other country…just for fun. There is always something I don’t like either the price, location, kitchen, nothing is perfect and even if I would build my dream house I would probably find something wrong with it after I would move in.:-)

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