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… it’s 10pm and I am already 60 calories over my goal.

It’s been really easy to keep under my goal all week (except for today). I was just not hungry…I was amazed to see that most days I could’ve had more but I didn’t even feel like it. I had my period and then today my appetite reappeared. Since I was use to it being easy I wasn’t cautious at all and ate too much. Nothing bad, I ate really healthy. I had fish, raw vegetables, cooked vegetables, lots of water. I only had 1 cookies and sent the rest at work with hubby because I was feeling weaker on that side. I was too hungry today but at least I made good choices.

On the exercise side it’s not good at all. I have been doing lots of phone calls, cooking, laundry, some packing, played outside with daughter and that’s it.

I absolutely hate having to call everywhere to get quotes for insurance and trying to get a hold of the only mover in town to book the date we need. He called me back this morning(I thought that I would be able to book him) telling me to call him back on his cell phone around 4pm-5pm when he would be at the office so he can check if the date is available. I call many times and no answer. I am just pissed off because I really wanted a mover and for the second time(same story when we moved 3 years ago) that guys is impossible to reach and when if I finally reach him the date I need will be booked for someone else!

Just so I don’t finish on a negative note, everything else about our move seems to be falling into place.


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4 thoughts on “Oops…

  1. I have gotten sloppy in trackng what I eat and it shows – it looks like I will have a gain this week…doesn’t it seem like so many of us have the same struggles at the same time?

    • Yes it constantly comes back to the same mistake over and over again. I know that we learn through the process but what it says I think is how hard it is to change. It’s an everyday battle. It also says how hard it will be to be in maintenance mode for the first few years.

  2. You have a lot going on!! If you’re worried about not being able to fit in exercise, perhaps this is the time to try getting up a little earlier???? ;)Getting it over with in the morning, will take one more “to do” off your list. I really miss working out in the morning. It is 100 times harder for me to get motivated to work out after a day at work.
    I remember making all those calls when we built our house, so I know how difficult it is. Especially when you can’t get a hold of them! You have every reason to be frustrated! Hopefully it all works out for you!

    • Thanks yeah I should be getting up earlier…I always been obligated to do so and doing it on my own seems to be harder than I thought it would be. I have been putting daughter earlier in bed so she wakes me up earlier now so I will just gradually keep going in that direction but really i should get up before her lol

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