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Home made yogurt result

DSCF6892yesterday I have tried my Mom’s old yogurt recipe in a new way and I am really pleased with the result.

What I like about this recipe is the fact that I can find all my ingredients at the grocery shop and I don’t need to order culture packets online.

The way I normally do the recipe is just mixing the ingredients and put it in the yogurt maker. The yogurt always taste good to me because I am used to it but my daughter always wants me to turn it into a vanilla yogurt so I put a little sugar and maybe 1/2 tsp. of vanilla. As soon as I start stirring it, it turns very thin, kind of like a smoothie. 

The way I did it yesterday is mixing the milk, the carnation milk and warming it to 185 F. I don’t know why but it took like 30 minutes before it got to there. I started like the yogurt sites suggested, with 2 pots with waterDSCF6894 in between. It was too slow for me so I tried the steamer pot, then too slow again so I ended up with the milk pot directly on the stove and it still took forever. I am not a very patient person so when I finally reached the degree that I wanted I didn’t keep it there for 30 minutes like one of the sites suggested (it is supposed to give the yogurt a very thick consistency). The fact that it took so long to get there probably took care of the consistency anyway.

After I put the milk pot in a cold water sink and let the milk cool down to 110 F.

Then I put the yogurt into my big glass measuring cup(easier to poor in the little jar) and stirred it. I added the warm milk to the yogurt a little a the time and stirred it slowly. I poured it into the jars then put the timer for 11 hours but after only 8 it was ready and very thick. I put the lids on the jars and stored it in the fridge for the night.

DSCF6896This morning I tried it and I was so happy because it was a firm yogurt. Even after the sugar and the vanilla it is still very think and probably will get thicker with maturity. I think one of the yogurt sites said it could stay good for 2 weeks but here it will only last about 2 days at the max. The taste was about the same as usual just a tiny bit different.  I founded it to be a little sweeter than usual. I will keep doing it this way from now on because I love thick yogurt.

Some people use powder milk in their recipe to have a thicker texture but I think it’s why the carnation milk is a part of my recipe. Still, I want to try without it just to experiment.

I have 7 jars and 1 jar is 110 calories for those who are counting, it would of course change according to the brand of yogurt and milk that you would use.

Bon appétit!


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2 thoughts on “Home made yogurt result

  1. Yay! Pictures! 🙂 It looks yummy! Do you chop fruit in it as well, or are you satisfied with it plain?

    • I like it plain but often I put it on top of a bowl of strawberries if I have some. I haven’t tried to put fruit inside the jar to make a fruit yogurt. I think it would have to be cooked maybe like home made jam or pie filling but I have been thinking of trying it so it’s just a matter of time and research. 🙂

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