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Thursday weigh-in

Today my weight is 77.4 kilos/171 pounds, it means I am 2 pounds down from last week! I am very happy about that loss. I have been really good this week being under goal most of the time. I ate lots of vegetables as well. I introduced more raw vegetable to my diet. Because of IBS I have to be careful when I change food habits but I always make sure I had my raw carrots and celery sticks along with some safer food.


I am just happy I can have more raw food now that my body is in better health. I really think losing weight as helped a lot to decrease symptoms from IBS. I also have sleep apnea and the fact that I have an APAP machine to help me breath during the night helps me a lot as well. When I first been told that I had sleep apnea the doctor told me that it would help if I would lose weight so I am on my way!

My first reason for this journey was to get rid of those health issues that I believe are caused mostly by the excess of pounds and an unhealthy lifestyle so it is a really good start since I already see some positive effects.


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11 thoughts on “Thursday weigh-in

  1. Congrats on the loss, just keep it up, you are doing great!! 😉

  2. Keep it up, I would suggest looking into high intensity interval training as a more efficient and effective way of losing weight.

  3. Wow! Another 2 pounds? I’m so happy for you! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. Fantastic – I am moving in the opposite direction – I need your success to be my inspiration!

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