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Experimental yogurt… Again?!?

DSCF6934Yep it’s the third post about home-made yogurt in 4 days. What is going on here? Well like I said in my last post the yogurt that we make doesn’t normally last very long but we now have a record of 12 hours. Since I want to do another test I hid the last jar behind the pickles and the strawberry jam. I guess my yogurt maker does only 7 jars so it goes faster than a 12 pack from the grocery store.

My test today will be only with the yogurt that I saved from hubby and milk. I will warm the milk up to 185 F. and depending hoe long it takes I might try to keep it there for 0 min. then I will cool it down at 110 F. and add the yogurt. The hard part is always to wait for it for 8 up to until it looks like yogurt. I hate waiting for result especially if I am experimenting with new or modified recipes. It should be the end of my home-made yogurt posts series unless I decide to try a flavoured yogurt recipe lollDSCF6939

8-9 hours later: It looks very firm

11 hours later when it has cooled down: Daughter had one for breakfast with a banana that she dipped in the yogurt. I prepared it for her with vanilla and sugar and found it to be thinner than last batch.She ate the whole banana and there was half the yogurt left. She took her spoon, started eating it but decided that she was full. Weird I thought because she loves yogurt.

In the afternoon: I decided to try a yogurt, I dogged in and the texture seemed firm but not as stable as last batch because there was more water getting out of it. I DSCF6935tasted it and it was good but not as creamy and smooth as the other batch was. The texture was little more…How could I describe it?… It had more of a grainy look , like microscopic cottage cheese grain but you don’t feel actual grain when you eat it. If you stir it good it goes and looks more like bought yogurt. When I got to the bottom I understood why daughter didn’t eat all of hers. There was a layer of harder bits at the bottom of the jar. Just like bits of milk skin gathered together…It’s alright we can still eat 90% of it but I want to know why it happened. Maybe I left it to long in the yogurt maker because it seemed to be set after like 4 hours only.

After reading another yogurt site, I think my mistake was to turn the stove at min. and leave the milk at around 180 F. for about a half an hour while I was eating lunch. I should have strained it to get rid of the milk skin. Usually you only get a skin if the milk boils but I am sure it didn’t boiled…

So the more I think of yogurt maker the more I wonder why they don’t make one that acts like a bread machine and does it all? It doesn’t seem to be so hard? A machine that warms the milk, cool it down, add the yogurt or culture and incubate it. If you buy a yogurt maker you basically buy a mini oven that gives a steady temperature for the required time. I still like mine because I wouldn’t want the oven on all day but it’s only until someone makes the one that I really want loll

The batch I did the other day was more of a 130 calorie per jar and this one is only 97 calories so I will try it again see if I can get it to work without the milk skin in it.

Here is a few different ways to make your own yogurt without a yogurt-maker.


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2 thoughts on “Experimental yogurt… Again?!?

  1. All your healthy yogurt posts cancel out my cupcake posts. 🙂
    My favorite part of baking cupcakes is doing the research on the internet for flavors and directions and tips. I would think that would be just as fun for you with yogurt…

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