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I hate grass!!!

Let’s just say that I have done my work out for the day. I have just passed the last 2 hours pulling that bloody grass out of my 2 garden beds. Apparently I have burned 489 calories. Because I became so angry with the grass would probably worth 100 calories more at least!

Definition of grass:  weed with roots long enough to knit a sweater, grows where you don’t want it and refuses to grow where you want it.

Where I am from  we don’t treat the grass, we don’t expect our yard to look like a golf course, we don’t put chemicals on it either. We just mow it and if it’s green it’s ok. Some people hate dandelion back home too but not me, it’s part of nature.

Where I live now, I see people pushing the mower and carrying a bottle of weed killer with them. They have to fertilise, re-seed, etc. If you just let nature do its work you will get a beautiful thick weed lawn that won’t need watering,won’t need fertiliser, won’t need re-seeding and won’t get eaten by bugs. The down side of it is that you look like the “bad” family of the street and it’s not good when you resale your house.

In our new house I guess we are going to go with the majority and “treat” the lawn so our investment gets a good resale price when we want to move out of here. If it’s our ticket out of here then I am alright with the weed killing thing. I will just put the other part of me in a ward-robe for a few years. I know there is weed puller tools I can buy so we could try that instead of shutting up the “green” voice inside me.


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4 thoughts on “I hate grass!!!

  1. At first weed pulling seems fun… you’re outdoors, you’re burning calories, and there is a certain satisfaction when you pull out the whole weed, roots and all. But then reality sets in. Your fingers are sore, and your back hurts, and the weeds seem to multiply right before your eyes. Before you know it, it’s not fun anymore. I’ve had the same experience with my hubby’s office lawn. I ambitiously attacked the weeds with my own bare hands, and although I finished the task, I don’t think I’ve pulled a weed since. And that’s been over 10 years ago. LOL

    • I had to totally drain the garden bed in order to be able to pull anything from there. I had “dentist gloves” because it’s all I had but my fingers got sore too and those roots! You can never get it all and you know they will come back. I finished the whole thing …for now…There is a part of it where I have used newpaper underneath the soil and it’s not as bad but the rest had more grass than the loan has. Bloody grass!

  2. We are trying to solve the problem by slowly replacing the grass with garden boxes 🙂

  3. Yes! Exactly what I would like to have one day, a piece of land that feeds me. If you are not a cow, grass doesn’t feed you right?

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