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More coffee?

Today I got up very tired, had breakfast with a coffee and another coffee. Then it woke me up and I started cleaning, bathrooms, kitchen and almost vacuum loll. I then realised that it was going to be lunch time soon so I started to make some bread for hamburger buns, then mix the meat with some seasoning and cut up some veggies for siding. 

After about an hour of kitchen time we had hamburgers on home-made sesame buns with sauté garlic veggies. (Sorry no photos today. today is my no-photo challenge day loll) My daughter wanted a picnic so she laid a blanket down on the grass outside and we ate there in the beautiful sun. When I made the buns I had some   left-over dough so I made 3 surprise buns with apple, raisins and cinnamon inside. It was delicious but way too much bread. It’s ok, I don’t even feel guilty for it. I enjoyed it with my family and see it as a cheat meal or whatever you want to call it.

I had to wash the whole thing down with another coffee so now I am way over my normal caffeine intake. I just want it to kick in so I can keep cleaning this house. I might go to bed earlier tonight so I don’t have to shoot myself with caffeine tomorrow.

My weight has been the same for 3 days, the cheat meal might just do the job and kick me into gear for the next week. I have kept away from cookies and other sweet treat (except for my daily 3 little Hershey milk chocolate chipit) for about 2 weeks now and I thinks it make things easier on me. I have to go now the vacuum is calling me!

Life is good!


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9 thoughts on “More coffee?

  1. Homemade hamburger buns? Heavenly! I like your attitude about eating the bread! One meal like that isn’t going to hurt you. Especially if it’s earlier in the day. And cleaning the house is probably burning quite a few calories. You’re getting a lot of activity and movement throughout your day. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I am impressed by the homemade buns. I am glad you do not feel guilty about the bread. You have been working hard and cleaning so you will probably burn it off due to that. And a picnic with the family sounds heavenly

    • I manage to stay under goal yesterday after all so it’s was a double treat loll. I took the time to have the picnic to make my princess happy but in fact it made me just as happy as she was! Lesson: listen to my daughter’s ideas more often 🙂

  3. Life is really good! 🙂 Sounds like you did great! I’d love the recipe for those hamburger buns! They sound delicious! I love making bread! Nothing like it! 🙂 What a great day you had! I hope you can see a drop in the numbers this week! 😉

    • I was down 0.1 kilo this morning even after all that bread yseterday I manage to stay under goal so it’s great. For the buns it,s one of those improvised recipes so I will have to write what I did when I do it again. It was basically just bread shaped into buns and brushed them with milk, sprinkle sesame seed on top. I didn’t let them rise too much and Cooked them on a pizza tray. loll Of course I used quick rise yeast so it’s quicker 🙂

  4. beckyspringer on said:

    Life IS good. You’re making progress :). Great job!!!

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