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Early start

Yesterday my day started at 6ham which I found to be deadly early! I know that some of you get up way earlier than that but I am just not used to it. So after my shower I headed to my beloved coffee machine… didn’t work….I needed it so much that morning….It turned out to be a broken seal so my machine is not dead YES!!!!


I was looking after a friend’s daughter who is about the same age as my daughter for the day. It rained all day but we still had fun. That same child was coming to my home day care when I had it and I made all the parents buy  waterproof pants and coat and rain boots so she brought hers and we went outside for at least 1h30 in the rain.

They had so much fun! I took them in the street(A cul-de-sac not busy at all) and they jumped in every puddle there was. We also saved heaps of dirt worm that were lost on the pavement and put them in our flower bed. They thought they were on wonder pet’s mission. Of course they eventually got muddy because there was dirt under the swings so I washed them out with the hose and we went back inside. The water had managed it through the waterproof suit somehow but it doesn’t matter. I guess the suits are water proof but not child proof.

So I was tired this morning and I got up and weighed myself. It looks like I have lost another 2 pounds so it was nice to find out. I am now at 169 pounds/76.8 kilos. Only 1 more pounds to get my 40 pounds lost sticker . On the food side I am doing very good but I won’t lie to you. I haven’t been exercising for like 2 weeks. I am not too happy about it. Here is what I tell myself: the weather hasn’t been very nice Hahaha! Another excuse: I have been very stresses and unbalanced by that new house purchase and all the complication that comes with it. Smile It’s a bit true but it shouldn’t stop me right? Especially the weather when I have everything I need in the living room.


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2 thoughts on “Early start

  1. Did you read Thin Lady’s post? No excuses! 😉
    You’ve been moving a lot however, and that’s a good thing! You must be doing something right, or you wouldn’t be losing!
    It’s been a while since I’ve told you what a good mom I think you are, so here goes…. You’re such a good mom! I’ve let my kids play out in the rain while we were camping, but I’ve never gone out with them. I love how involved you are!
    And close call on your coffee machine! I would die if mine ever went out.
    Congrats on a 6am wake up! Will you be making that a habit? 🙂

    • Didn’t get up that early today loll I ordered part for the machine today…hopefully I won’t have as much trouble to follow the instructions as I did to find the parts! Maybe hubby will offerer his help! Meanwhile I drink the best instant coffee that we found but its only because I am forced too!
      I am not always that involved with my kid but I agreed to take my friends daughter 2 days a week and she pays me so I just do like when I use to have my home day care and plan some activities for them. It’s more for my daughter than for the money because I would need at least another 4 kids to make a decent pay. I wanted to have a friend for daughter and I like that little girl too so it all works out fine for everybody. They were relly cute in their bright pink(and brown lol) rain outfit.

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