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Sweet tooth

Today my sweet tooth started to bother me maybe because I had a sweet breakfast. I made French toast with banana slices and oranges on the side. I only had about 1 tbsp. of maple syrup tough.

So after lunch I felt like eating dessert and there was a ripe banana in the fruit bowl…DSCF6943           I decided to make like a banana and rum crème brulée but without the crème. So this is where the home-made yogurt comes  to save me. So I just put some yogurt in 2 dish and covered it with thin slices of banana then a thin layer of sugar, on mine before I have put the sugar I “painted” the bananas with some brown rum.

Before you ask, no I didn’t burn my house but only turned the sugar into hard caramel.

As you can see I did a better job with the one on the left because it didn’t have the rum so less liquid but it didn’t have a nice rum taste either loll.DSCF6949

I ended up eating both of them because daughter didn’t like the crunchy caramel bananas!?!?! The crunchy sugar is always the best part for me. I would have had better result with a thicker Greek yogurt but I just took what I had on hand. It was still good, the banana rum combination always wins with me anyway but the other one was good too. I didn’t blow the calorie budget with this dessert and it was all very healthy…maybe apart from the sugar haha.


So after that I remembered that I had another coffee machine(mine needs some renovation) so here it is . I present you with the Mukka Express from Bialetti


Mukka of course is for Mooooo Cow! When I bought it I could have picked stainless steel but this one was too cute! You put the milk or the chocolate milk on top and the ground coffee on the bottom. when the coffee comes on top it froth the milk but with soy it’s more of a warm up than a real froth. It’s suppose to give you 2 cups of cappuccino but it only gives me 1 cup of latté (because I am selfish maybe)hahaha. It’s way more trouble than my other machine but way better than instant!

This is my emergency latté! Sorry the photo is not very clear.Maybe I should have drunk one before I took the picture…



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4 thoughts on “Sweet tooth

  1. Yum – I cannot wait to start cooking!

  2. loll I wouldn’t really call that cooking since it took me about 5 minutes including the photos but it surely be quick to try 🙂

  3. Sounds like you love your coffee as much as I do, but no matter how desperate I get, I don’t think I’d resort to instant. Yuck! The bananas looked awesome! Makes me want to get a torch. 🙂

    • Who knew you could weld your bananas 😉 I am not a fan of drip coffee, I need it to be stronger than that so with instant I can have stronger but now that I remembered my mukka express I can have a perfect latte with a little trouble (it’s worth it):-)

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